SA Jungle

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SA Jungle
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Environment: Arena
Temperature: 35°C
Planet: Solaris VII
Size: 2048 x 2048
Game Modes:
First Available In: 0.5.0

Tactical Map
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"Originally planned as a Buddhist monastery, the Jungle is now one of the most popular arenas on Solaris VII. Due to its varied terrain and the cover provided by vegetation this arena offers a variety of different tactics, provided you manage to survive long enough."
— Map introduction


Effectively a direct port of the Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries Jungle arena map. SA Jungle is an outlier compared to Glory and HelsGate in that it is significantly more wide open than either map, placing a greater emphasis on speed and/or range. Brawlers are still strong here, however slow brawlers can be bloodied enough by longer-range assets that they will be unable to win the fight once the distance is closed. Another consequence of the sightlines on Jungle is that with more players comes a greater risk of being shot in the back.

There is a repair bay with reloads near the middle of the map in the open. It is very tricky to fully utilize it unless you kill everyone nearby or are ignored by the other players.