TSA ThunderRift

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TSA ThunderRift
Created By: Sannyasi
Environment: Cave
Temperature: 20°C
Planet: Trell 1
Coords: -115.01, 390.42
Size: 2048 x 2048
Game Modes:
First Available In: 0.3.0

Number of Bases: IS: 2
Clan: 2
Neutral: ---
Tactical Map
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"Carved from volcanic activity, this tangled web of caverns is an exceptional feature of Trellwan's geology, which suffers from a short orbital year and a long rotational day. It was here that Victor Steiner-Davion encountered the clans for the first time using the first effective strategy against them despite his loss."
— Map introduction




  • Thunder Rift was first named Cavernous, yet got renamed to showcase it's canon location.
  • Thunder Rift in BattleTech was a complex of caverns on Trell I, where Prince Victor Steiner Davion won for the first time encounter with Clan Jade Falcon Thor on 13th April 3050. Despite of this he and Hauptmann Cox had to evacuate when 2 Loki and 2 new Thors arrived. After emergency evacuation of the heir to Federated Commonwealth, Leftenant-General Hawksworth led long-lasting defense using guerrilla tactics, being the first relatively successful defense action against Clan Invasion. These events were described in the first book of the Kerensky Trilogy - the Lethal Heritage.