TSA Clearcut

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TSA Clearcut
Environment: Forest
Temperature: 25°C
Planet: Canopus IV
Size: 2048 x 2048
Game Modes:
First Available In: Beta 1.0
Number of Bases: IS: 2
Clan: 2
Neutral: ---
Tactical Map
"Due to Helen's vast natural resources and its location on the Draconis Combine border, it has always been strategically important to the Federated Commonwealth. Some of the older industrial facilities have been secretly modified to facilitate combined arms training."
— Map introduction


The site of an abandoned logging operation, Clearcut is based in a large bowl valley filled with trees, hills, dominated by prominent central mountain.

Bases are placed in the corners... the South Western corner hosts the Clans base, while the North Eastern corner is occupied by the Inner Sphere. Each base has a hangar, turret defenses, and an adjacent airfield.

There are two prominent areas of engagement on this map, to the eastern and western sides of the mountain. On the western side, the hill next to the lake, and another hill extending from the mountain towards the IS base, create a natural arena for brawlers. The northern hills provide an opportunity for LRM support. The eastern combat zone is mostly defined by the hill extending towards the South-East. Here, two open areas extending towards the IS and Clan bases are frequently the routes to the main combat zone. The mountain and surrounding hills are excellent vantage points for Battle Armor with TAG to designate targets.

At the eastern corner, near the river, there's a passage behind the mountains through which vehicles can move unseen towards a sniping position overlooking the Inner Sphere eastern exit. On the western side, the lake area is suitable for ambushes, staging quick raids towards the enemy base, or using LRMs. The water here is also useful to provide additional cooling for hot vehicles.

The relatively large clusters of destructible trees on Clearcut can damage vehicles pushing through them at speed.




Clearcut has been available since the first release of the MWLL Beta. It's dishlike topography quickly made it notorious for LRM camping. However, increasingly skilled Aero pilots, and other terrain features introduced in 0.2, have somewhat curbed the opportunities. In version 0.3, Clearcut tends to feature a mix of long and medium range battle, with sporadic short-range brawling during raids.

Known Issues

Sometimes when the map is loaded the client computer does not load the LOD (Level Of Detail) for the tree objects on the map resulting in an extremely high poly count when playing. This can be checked by turning on r_displayinfo 1 in the game console. The TRIS value should not be spiking up to 20.000.000 when playing on this map. If this does happen either reconnect to the server or change your Display Settings by setting your Advanced Settings to the profile Low and back to where it was. This should load the LODs for the map properly.

Though rare, tanks may become inadvertently stranded on tree stumps on this map.

Easter Egg

Visitors to the peak of the central mountain will encounter an ironic easter egg crafted by the hard-working developers.