Binary Laser Cannon

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Binary Laser Cannon, aka BLazer, is IS only laser weapon.


Binary Laser (Blazer) Cannon R&D Start Date: 2801 (Lyran Commonwealth)

Prototype Design and Production: 2812 (Free Worlds League)

A scale-up of the infantry Blazer Rifle concept, the Binary Laser (Blazer) Cannon is essentially two large laser cores combined with some redundant components removed. Though researched and prototyped several times (and by several states) during the Succession Wars, the resulting weapon was more akin to an “extra-large” laser than two arrayed lasers, with a heat load that stymied the weapon’s use and prevented its production debut.

Weapon Stats

Weapon Max
Beam Duration Hit Damage/Shot Damage
Speed Heat
BLazer 650m 0.5s 1160 Energy‑BLaz 10 233 Hitscan 280
All stats are current as of release 0.15.3


Ironically, despite the return of double heat sink technology, the Blazer has remained an experimental weapon thanks to other more effective and economical energy weapon developments, like the heavy PPC. Though currently being re-examined by several Inner Sphere laser manufacturers, the Blazer has yet to reach widespread production.

BattleTech reference "Tactical Operations Handbook"