TSA Extremity

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TSA Extremity
Environment: Asteroid
Temperature: -150°C / +125°C
Size: 4096 x 4096
Game Modes:
First Available In: Beta 1.0
Number of Bases: IS: 2
Clan: 2
Neutral: ---
Tactical Map

"On the edge of known space are the drifting remains of an old mining colony. Enduring the extreme temperatures which result from its axial spin, enterprising periphery miners yielded invaluable resources from this desolate asteroid. It now serves as a staging ground for Solaris matches which mimic the early battles of the Clan Invasion."
— Map introduction


TSA Extremity is a low-gravity location placed on a big asteroid with quick time of day quickly changing the environment temperature, multiple times during the battle.


H6 / H7


Extremity was one of initial maps released in first public beta of MWLL. Since then it was altered in nearly each big release. Version 0.2.0 brought new, less rough terrain for improved movement and altered gravity for better operations. Version 0.3.0 turned map into something entirely different to what it used to be - Three big satellite dishes were added, turning gameplay more towards urban-alike combat.