Team Solaris Arena

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Team Solaris Arena
Team Based: Yes
CBills: Rank
Winning Condition: Score, Tickets
Recommended Players: 6+
Uses Maps: TSA, TC

Team Solaris Arena or TSA is a game mode based on the struggle of two teams against each other, where players can earn CBills by damaging or destroying enemy units. Two opposing teams, the Inner Sphere and Clans fight as long as the map timer is set for. In score-based TSA, the team with the highest score wins the match. In ticket-based TSA, the team with more ticket wins. A game may also end early if one team runs out of tickets before the timer is up. This game mode resembles the Team Deathmatch game mode in most First Person Shooter multiplayer games.

In the TSA Mode players have to earn score to gain the next rank, which gives more starting CBills on respawns, but he/she may also collect CBills during gameplay, by various activities, such as providing TAG, NARC or C3 support. If the ammount of earned money is greater than amount of respawn CBills, than the player will keep his/her higher ammount, otherwise they will be stocked up to the minimum of the players given rank.

Prior to version 0.4, this game mode was called 'Solaris Arena'. It was then renamed to 'Team Solaris Arena', and the game mode 'Free For All' which was later added in 0.5.0 was named Solaris Arena.


The planet of Solaris VII is a world that is home to the most Battlemech Arenas anywhere in the Inner Sphere. The Mech fights there are the subject of many bets where fortunes are made and lost daily. Every arena has a different theme and layout, everything from a decrepit factory to a holographic stadium.

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