Terrain Control

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Terrain Control
Team Based: Yes
CBills: Rank
Winning Condition: Tickets
Recommended Players: 8+
Uses Maps: TC

Terrain Control (TC) is a ticket based team oriented game mode that was added in MWLL 0.4.0.
The two teams, Inner Sphere and Clan, fight over a series of capture points to drain the enemy team's tickets. Once a team runs out of tickets, a timer will begin to count down. If the team without tickets cannot tie the other team by bringing their ticket count to zero, that team loses. If both teams still have tickets by the time the match ends, the team with the most tickets at the end wins.

Players gain ranks by raising their score, which increases the amount of CBills they start with on each respawn. Score is awarded for dealing damage to enemies, helping teammates with C3, TAG or NARC, and most importantly by liberating capture points.

Strategy & Gameplay Tips

  • Most of the combat takes place inside or around the capture points, which are mostly bases, outposts or similar built up areas, often protected by walls and automatic turrets. Due to this, more emphasis is put on close quarter combat and weapons like SRMs and large AutoCannons gain importance here, while LRMs and Arrow IVs lose some of their usefulness.
  • Some capture points have Hangars and Repair Bays in their vicinity, giving the defender a severe advantage if the attacker only engages them in a long range slugging match. This is entirely dependent on the map.
  • Kills are not the most important thing: a team can outkill their opponents by a factor of 2:1 and still lose the match by not capturing zones.
  • Teamwork is essential in the TC game-mode, both for coordinating captures and for defending gains or assaulting the opposing team's territory.
  • If your team is losing during a TC match and the timer appears, don't panic. It is still possible to tie the game by bringing the other team to zero tickets and then by having more players currently alive than the other team.

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