Test of Strength

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Test of Strength
Team Based: Yes
CBills: Fixed, not refilling
Winning Condition: Score, Tickets
Recommended Players: 6+
Uses Maps: TSA, TC

Test of Strength, or ToS is a Team Battle mode limited to 2 opposing teams. Players start out with a limited amount of Cbills, which can be adjusted by the server; it's normally enough to allow players access to most Mechs and Vehicles. In ToS, it is impossible to earn additional Cbills during the course of the battle, and as such, it is a much more tactical Game Mode then the current Team Solaris Arena. Players can still Rank up according to damage dealt and kill count, but this brings none of the additional benefits normally associated with higher Ranks.

This Game Mode can run on either Team Solaris Arena or Terrain Control maps. For TC maps, the capture zones are disabled.