Missile Weapons

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Missiles are a type of weapon based on rocket-propelled explosives, often (but not always) featuring some form of guidance to target. Multiple-launch missile units come in three main varieties -- Short-Range, Medium-Range, and Long-Range -- with a numerical designation indicating how many missiles are launched per volley. Single-launch missiles include the Arrow IV and the Thunderbolt. The Narc Beacon is also classified as a missile, though it does no damage.

Missile launchers in MWLL are designated as follows:

Short Range Missiles

  • SRM2
  • SRM4
  • SRM6
  • CSRM2
  • CSRM4
  • CSRM6
  • DSRM4
  • DSRM6
  • CDSRM4
  • CDSRM6

Streak Short Range Missiles

  • SSRM2
  • SSRM4
  • SSRM6
  • CSSRM2
  • CSSRM4
  • CSSRM6
  • DSSRM4
  • DSSRM6

Medium Range Missiles

  • MRM10
  • MRM20
  • MRM30
  • MRM40

Long Range Missiles

  • LRM5
  • LRM10
  • LRM15
  • LRM20
  • CLRM5
  • CLRM10
  • CLRM15
  • CLRM20

Extended Long Range Missiles

  • ELRM5
  • ELRM10
  • ELRM15
  • ELRM20

Advanced Tactical Missiles

  • ATM3
  • ATM6
  • ATM9
  • ATM12

Single-Launch Missiles

Missile Related Information

  • It takes longer for missiles to lock-on to a target which is running under Passive radar and/or equipped with GECM. However, a missile-equipped 'Mech can decrease its lock on time by crouching.
  • TAG lasers guide SSRMS and LRMs to a designated target without requiring prior missile lock-on.
  • SRMs and MRMs cause targeted vehicles to shake as they are hit. This buffeting effect often throws off an opponent's aim, reducing their ability to counter attack.