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Puma and Catapult camp on Clearcut

LRM Camping, is a valid but controversial tactic, which involves attacking enemies almost exclusively with Long-Range Missiles. LRM Campers stay on safe ground, usually far behind their own lines or away from any significant conflict, and exclusively fire LRMs, ELRMs or ArrowIVs at enemy units at the very edge of their range.

LRM Camping is more effective when it's supported by other units utilizing NARCs or TAG lasers, as carried by many Light Mechs, Battle Armor, and Hawkmoths. When targets are NARCed or TAGed by other units, LRM Campers can hide safely behind cover, avoiding long-range counterattack, while still firing Missiles which will be guided to their targets. LRM Camping by three or more units working in concert may enable them to completely destroy enemy Mechs or other ground units, before those units can close to counter-attack range.

Note that LRM Campers aren't as effective at dealing damage to fast moving targets, or targets at close-range.


Points of View on LRM Camping

LRM Camping is a somewhat controversial tactic within the MWLL community. Many players who prefer "brawling" (ie close range combat) see LRM Camping as a low-risk and low-skill method of enemy engagement. Other players point out that LRM attacks have long been a part of Battletech canon, and that viable counter-measures exist to thwart LRM Campers.

Countering LRM Camping

LRMs have a minimum targeting range of 150 meters, and many of the units used by LRM Campers have poor or no close range weapons. So, a good way to counter LRM Camping is to take a Mech, Vehicle or Aero with short range weapons to within the minimum range of the LRM Camper and attack. MASC helps close-combat Mechs get into striking range quickly, and Passive Radar helps all vehicle types remain undetected until close to their intended targets.

Another effective counter is dumbfiring ArrowIVs from beyond enemy lock-on range. When dumb-fired, ArrowsIV's have an effective range of 3000m, and will travel to a point directly over the targeting reticule, before descending at a steep point and landing almost exactly where they're aimed. As LRM Campers tend to stay at one location, it's easy to hit them without needing to first lock-on. However, as ArrowIVs are very visible in flight, LRM Campers can sometimes move away from the targeted site and avoid the blast radius.

A third counter is to utilize Mechs equipped with Jump Jets and long-range weapons, like Gauss Rifles and ERPPCs. Using cover to get within range of the LRM Campers, JJ equipped Mechs can Poptart, snapping off shots before the Campers can get a Missile lock. This tactic is only effective on terrain that features enough usable cover to get within range, and isn't as effective if there are several LRM Campers that may be positioned in a way that allows them to fire behind whatever cover is being used.

A fourth potential counter is to utilize a LongTom Artillery Tank. Deliver crippling damage at long ranges, the LongTom - especially when aided by teammates relaying targeting information - can destroy LRM Campers, or break up their formations, with only a few well-placed shots.

A fifth counter is take an Aerospace fighter or VTOL. Most LRM mechs lack effective anti-air weaponry to protect them from aerospace assets. Dive bombing Sullas can easily destroy or cripple LRM mechs, and a Hawkmoth Prime can distract them and force LRM mechs to retreat.

History of LRM Camping in MWLL

As soon as the MWLL Beta became available to the public, LRM Camping with the support TAG Laser-equipped unit became a popular tactic. Not only was it a low risk way for new players to score damage, but an error in score calculation awarded TAG-gers a diproportionately high number of C-Bills.

With introduction of version 0.1.0, TAG-ing targets no longer awarded as many C-Bills, and the tactic became somewhat less popular.

In beta 0.2.0, maps were modified to introduce multiple terrain obstacles, so countering LRM camping become easier. Many units also gained AMS systems, which reduced somewhat the number of LRMs hitting them.

In beta 0.3, tweaks to weapon balance saw the damage dealt by LRMs reduced somewhat. LRM Camping is now a slow way to increase in rank, compared to other direct engagement strategies.

Units Commonly used to LRM Camp

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