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As with any Beta release of software, the MWLL mod does suffer from some crashing, lockups and bugs, but also Crysis itself is not perfect, and many problems come from the main game more than MWLL itself.

This page will enumerate problems and some proven remedies.



Lockups Relating to Profile Writing

  • Some players have reported lockups and crashes that seem to occur when changing settings in the main screen or during a game. This can be related to the access rights for Crysis and the profile directory. Possible fixes are: make sure to run Crysis as administrator, turn off UAC in Windows Vista/7, and set "everyone" to "full control" for the "my games/Crysis" directory.
  • Some anti-virus software blocks access to files MWLL uses for saving settings. Disabling anti-virus for a moment may help diagnose the problem. If no crash occurs, add %My Documents%/My Games/Crysis and /%install directory%/ to your anti-virus exceptions list.

Pulse Laser Crash

In local network (LAN) pulse laser causes crashes to desktop if fired for the first time if assigned to current firegroup and firegroup1 at the same time: Workaround before first shot change the weapon group for the pulse laser to weapon group two. Fire one shot. Now you can reconfigure the lasers as you want. Normally even after restart of the game the pulse lasers should work. Or fire first shot with mouse.

Often, repeating crashes

  • AVG Free anti virus is known to cause crashes on Windows 7 (both 32bits and 64bits) both at the game start or in the game (menu and during the online gameplay). Solution is to uninstall AVG and install other free antivirus, for example avast! Free Antivirus which is known to work fine with Crysis on Windows 7.
  • NOD antivirus, specifically the imon.dll file, is causing crashes. Uninstalling NOD helps
  • Another way to lower, or solve the amount of repeating crashes is to remove the My Documents/My games/Crysis/Shaders folder each time before starting the game. Once Crysis starts it will recreate the shaders cache allowing trouble-less gameplay at least for the one round.
  • When crashes happen during intense action, hits or explosions the reason might be overclocking the GPU/CPU. Lower the details, turn-off overclocking, test the game.
  • Switching from DirectX 10 to DirectX 9 also helps with reducing the number of crashes. Also in some, rare cases trying to run the game in windowed mode helped.
  • If game crashes on Windows Vista you might want to install all the updates, including Service Pack 1, fixes KB938194 and KB938979. See also the EA online help.
  • Creative SoundBlaster card users also experience crashes. Pulling off the card, uninstalling all drivers, and using the Motherboard sound card solves the issue.
  • ATI users can sometimes experience repetitive crashes when using DirectX 10 and Fraps. Not loading Fraps solves this issue (common issue with Crysis).

Computer shutdown during gameplay

  • Computer shuts down because of overheating PC component. In many cases the reason might be too high overclocking (whatever it'd be the CPU, RAM or GPU), but also nVidia cards are known to cause overheating when drivers newer than v186 are used. These cause fan shut-down during gameplay leading to failsafe mechanisms to shut down the PC. Solution may be to install GeForce drivers in version older than v186 or use "User control option" for GPU fan speed settings.
  • Another possible reason might be lack of power. Try to check if your Power Supply Unit has any overhead to your system - if it doesn't then this might be the cause. Cheap way to test if that's the reason would be to pull off one RAM memory from socket (obviously: this works only for people with 2 or more RAM modules) and then try to play the game - if it doesn't turn off or turn off more rarely, then it'll be the cause. Remember that Crysis with MWLL pulls many PCs to their limits so even if all other games you have work well - it doesn't mean that everything is fine.

Sound Issues

Sound Cutting Out

Many players have noticed the sound cutting in and out or being delayed. One explanation is the handling of sound channels in the mod. Many players have had success with limiting the Crysis sound channels to 128. This is done by creating a plain text file named "autoexec.cfg" in the Crysis directory. This file goes into the main Crysis directory with the "readme.txt" file. Here is a example of an autoexec.cfg file. This also only sets the speaker configuration to surround sound with the "s_SpeakerConfig" parameter. There are all sorts of parameters Crysis can take through this file, and they are all outlined in various Crysis tweaking resources on the web.


Lockups Relating to Sound

Several players have noticed that the mod and/or Crysis is very sensitive to having the right sound drivers installed. By updating the sound drivers and making sure they are from the manufacturer of your motherboard or sound card (not the Windows default drivers), you may experience increased system stability. Creative Soundblaster users, may have to update their OpenAL drivers.

Computer freezing and sound looping

If the entire computer locks up, the sound loops fast, and requires a hard reset to fix, then you need to make sure that any EAX emulators and creative alchemy emulators are turned off for your sound card. For example, on ASUS Xonar sound cards, turn off "GX" mode in the ASUS Audio control center. This issue occurs randomly when a sound effect plays, and may also occur when first starting the game during the intro movie. The unofficial UNI Xonar sound drivers also turn off GX mode, as well as fixing other driver issues.

Hardware Issues

Performance problems

  • MWLL because of it's scale and detail has higher system requirements than regular Crysis. The mod may not work smooth on high details even on systems which handle most of other currently published games at the highest detail level possible. To solve the issue lower the game detail settings. One of most resource-consuming parts is anti-aliasing, therefore disabling it may fix the problem. If not try to lower other settings.
  • Some of users having their GPUs working in SLI mode are known to encounter various issues regarding performance, such as unexpected slowdowns. Solution is to disable the SLI and run MWLL on a single GPU.

Poor performance on all settings

Check your ATI or nVidia control panel, and see if your driver isn't forcing any settings on the game (these settings should be somewhere in 3D section, it's very dependent on the driver version, where the settings are)

Lockups Relating to Heat

The Crysis engine and this mod in particular really tax the hardware of a PC, the processor and video card primarily. However, when playing for extended periods, other components of your motherboard may also experience higher heat levels than ever before. The North Bridge and VREG's are particularly susceptible. There are many cures for heat issues that other resources will provide, but the first step is to monitor the temperatures during your playing. One tool for this is speedfan; you can set speedfan to graph temperatures while you game and then look at the results when you exit the game. As a general rule, you should investigate further any component that gets higher than 80 degrees Celsius.

Nvidia Video Card Issues

Some players have report NVidia cards exhibiting degraded performance or "jitter" in the hangar. This can be remedied by setting "shadows" to "low" in the graphics configuration of Crysis. Also recommended is to turn off motion blur in Crysis for Nvidia cards.

As always, be sure to update the Nvidia drivers to the latest version. Many improvements are continually made to the performance of Crysis with new versions of Nvidia drivers

Mouse sensitivity problems

  • Check if your screen resolution matches the desktop resolution, otherwise Crysis might have mouse sensitivity issues. If matching the settings doesn't help - try to lower the resolution to 800x600 and than see again.
  • Lag is known to cause mouse control unresponsive, it's especially visible while flying Aerospace. Always try to play on hosts with ping below 100.

Joystick problems

For problems with setting up and using a joystick in MWLL read the Joystick setup article.

Map issues

Only mech legs spawning

  • Happens on Frostbite and Clearcut after game starts. Solution is to wait till Mech sells itself (takes a while) and than spawn a vehicle (hover craft or the APC), go on battlefield, inflict some damage, die, respawn, buy a mech - new one will be created as it should.
  • Giving the server some time (about 5 minutes) is sufficient to wait before creating a mech.

Lag on Clearcut

  • Happens on Clearcut after game starts. Solution is to press [ESC], enter system settings, see advanced graphic settings, change level of details to low, Apply changes, set details back to what they were, Apply changes.

Other Issues

Black Screen when starting Game

  • This is most likely due to a missing patch. Please ensure you have installed both 1.20 and 1.21 patches for Crysis before trying to start the mod.
  • Another possible reason are outdated video drivers.
  • Trying to run 32bit executable instead of 64bit version might help as well
  • One possibility is that your profile is corrupted. In Windows Vista/7 go to Documents/My Games/Crytek/Crysis and delete Profiles directory (copy over any screenshots you had before)

Your MWLL Installation has modified files. Please Revert them to their original state to play.

First step is to confirm your downloaded files are not corrupted. Grab to drag and drop your files on the md5sum.exe file to get your checksums. They have to match the ones below exactly or your download is corrupt and you need to re-download the file.

MWLL Open Beta Release 0.3.0 - Full Package MD5SUM: fa8da65ab4f554e3e3457679be7c24a6

MWLL Open Beta Release 0.3.1 - Patch Package MD5SUM: 6d797f3cbf5e81f024f60c0aa30896c8

MWLL Open Beta Release 0.3.2 - Patch Package MD5SUM: 6a7e5bfadd43b8ec78ac15a2f562bb63

MWLL Open Beta Release 0.3.2 - Patch Package ZIP (In case your auto-updater fails) MD5SUM: 78ea1087b70265c729456ffacf4a4290

Also install these files in this EXACT order for a failsafe installation:

1. MWLL 0.3.0 Setup exe ; test that the game works
2. MWLL 0.3.1 Setup exe ; test that the game works
3. MWLL 0.3.2 Setup exe
4. MWLL 0.3.2 ZIP Content ; test that the game works

Here some other tips that might get your installation cleaned up after verifying your files integrity:

  • Always remember to remove previous MWLL directory from your Crysis\Mods directory before starting new, standalone installer (like the one for version 0.2.0 or 0.3.0)
  • Two files occasionally are created within \Crytek\Crysis\Mods\mwll\ directory, which shouldn't be there and cause the issue. These are: server.cfg and levelrotation.xml. Delete them or move to \Crytek\Crysis\ instead.
  • Having unexpected files in your game directory may trigger this error too. One such file may be thumbs.db generated by Windows automatically while entering directories. It's hidden by default, so you'd need to enable viewing the hidden files, than search your MWLL directory for it.

Crysis Multiplayer Login Fails, Failed to authenticate server

This is an issue with Crysis itself.

  • A workaround that has worked for some people:
    1. Created a new Gamespy login at (This may not be necessary)
    2. Make sure you can log in and out of this profile on, after checking it works log off of your account on gamespy
    3. Go in to regular Crysis (This is after everything was patched to 1.21 and mod was installed + working)
    4. Go to online multiplayer, click on create new account (this is in game)
    5. Enter the same information you did at (Same account name, Password, etc.)
    6. You then should be able to log in to multiplayer on Crysis
    7. Close Crysis and open up MWLL
    8. Now try to log into MWLL multiplayer with the same information (if it doesn't work try the new account button and enter the same info)
    9. Play MWLL!
  • Another possibility might be that your router blocks the connection. Check if your router has the port forwarding set properly.
  • If none of the above works and you have recently bought your copy of Crysis (or Warhead) it may be you have a bad CD Key. Contact EA Support.

64bit version does not start

  • Make sure that your CPU supports 64 bit.
  • Copy the "lang.ini", "paul.dll" and "unicows.dll" from the /bin32/ folder into the /bin64/ folder, and try to run the 64 bit version of mod through the launcher.

Can't see the "Transfer Cbill" dialog or pressing "right ctrl" does nothing

Many people have had a issue where on some maps, nothing appears to happen when they activate the "transfer cbill" menu or the cbill menu comes up with a wierd flashing font. A workaround that has worked for some people is to create a "autoexec.cfg" file in your Crysis Wars directory and put the following line in it:


If you already have a autoexec.cfg file in your Crysis Wars directory, just add that line to it. This will show the console on startup which you can remove by pressing "escape".

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