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Battle Armor (abbreviated BA) is a powered armor that the player spawns in. For the Inner Sphere it is the Longinus, and for the Clans it is the Elemental.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to playing as Battle Armor. They can be extremely annoying to slower Mechs and can even take them down, especially if ignored, but they are relatively fragile and one good shot from a strong weapon can mean their end. Also playing Battle Armor alone makes it nearly impossible to achieve high score through game. Since Battle Armor have suck a low damage output, playing as one essentially means that the Battle Armor's team will be out numbered in terms of total mechs/vehicles on the battlefield.

Currently the Battle Armor has:

  • Health Regen when moving: 60 seconds for full health
  • 125 Total Health
  • Infinite Ammo for Weapons (not for grenades)
  • Speed and Maneuverability
  • Small Size
  • Low Radar Profile
  • Varied Weapon Options
  • Varied Equipment Options


BA Weapon Options

BA weapons are essentially scaled down versions of standard Mech weapons. The BA is equipped with a BA Bear AC as a primary weapon and an SRM2 pack secondary weapon by default, but also can purchase one other Primary Weapon. Primary Weapons can be dropped by pressing [j] and can be picked up by any BA with an empty primary weapon slot. When killed, the BA will drop whatever primary weapon it was currently using. You will also lose your primary weapon upon getting in a Mech or Vehicle with the exception of the default BA Bear AC. Additionally Battle Armor can use Grenades which are throw-able weapons capable of sticking to enemy unit. Their explosion is several times as powerful as regular weapons, but they are much more difficult in usage and the number of them BA can have at a time is limited to 3 of any given type. Grenades can be thrown with [Right Mouse Button] and their type is switched with [Mouse Button 3(Wheel Click)] by default.

BA Equipment

Battle Armors are equipped in three default features: Jump Jets (mount in backpack of Longinus and legs of Elemental) allowing it to fly for limited time, Standard Optics allowing them to zoom-in for more accurate fire, and the Night Vision for night operations.

BA Vector Thrusting

In low gravity environments BAs are able to change their thrust vector by looking up or down, and by using the 'X' (rotate left) or 'C' (rotate right) -- these allow the BA to rotate freely, and the jump jet thrust will always be directed down towards the feet. For example, flipping upside down will allow a BA to jet towards the ground (note that they do not take damage from impact).


At times bugs can cause major issues for BA.

BA increase in speed dramatically when they run towards a parked aerospace. This means that players will need to be very careful when trying to get into an aerospace asset that they have just purchased since running into an aerospace at top speed is suicidal for BA and can even destroy lesser planes like Sparrowhawks.

BA weapon jams can occur at times. Sometimes getting into a mech, vehicle, or apc will unjam the BA's weapons. Unfortunately, this does not always work and the BA player may have to die in order to fix the issue.

BA SRMs often explode right in front of the BA. To avoid this, the BA player is advised to jump before firing their SRMs, this will prevent most accidental BA deaths from SRMs.

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