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The Flamer is essentially a flamethrower that uses the reactor exhaust of Mechs or Tanks as a flame projector with extremely short range. It fires a stream of superheated exhaust that causes moderate damage, but it's main use is in overheating enemy units, forcing them to Power-Down or take extra heat damage. It also makes for a wonderful Anti-Battle Armor weapon, and never runs out of ammo, though it cannot be fired continuously.

It should be noted that the actual damage impacts after the flame animation, which forces the user to aim a little further ahead then seems intuitive.

Weapon Stats

All stats are current as of release 0.10.3
Weapon Max Range Damage/Shot Damage Type Secondary
Damage Type
Splash Radius
Heat Dmg
Shots/min Raw DPS Heat/Shot Cooldown
BA Flamer 100m 40 Flame 15 Flame 8m / 10m 20 200 (300) 183 --- 4s 6s
Flamer 100m 10 30 6m / 8m 6.5 90 (150) 60 5 6s 10s

BA Flamer

The BA Flamer is one of the rarer BA weapons. A single Battle Armor with a flamer is seldom able to cause enough heat on a target to impair their combat ability, and the splash is likely to kill the user if the weapon is used carelessly.
Nonetheless the flamer can be extremely effective if used by a coordinated pair of BA, often enabling them to kill a target faster or more effective then with the more common weapons.
It is also able to kill other BA that are hiding behind cover or around corners where they would be safe from other BA weapons.


The Flamer is often mounted on mechs and tanks as a backup weapon. It is only moderately useful against most armored targets, as a single flamer or even a pair can rarely produce enough heat to endanger armored units, but it makes a good anti-Battle Armor weapon due to its splash and because it is able to hit BA that hide inside buildings or behind cover where they are protected from more common anti infantry weapons like MGs or lasers.


Introduced in 2025, the standard Flamer taps into a BattleMech's reactor to produce heat in the form of a plasma release. An extremely short-ranged weapon, the Flamer is devastating against infantry, however damage done against other 'Mechs and vehicles is negligible, though it can raise the enemy unit's heat levels.

BattleTech reference


The following vehicles equip Flamers:

  Inner Sphere