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The Madcat is an iconic Clan Heavy Mech, widely known and easily recognizable thanks to its fairly unique silhouette. It is also hands-down one of the most powerful Heavy Mechs, and its staggeringly high cost reflects this.

It is armed to the teeth with a ludicrous array of Weapons, possesses unbelievable speed and maneuverability for a Heavy Mech, and is comparatively heavily armored. Perhaps its only weakness is a lack of jump jets. All the Madcat variants make use of powerful weapons, and while relatively lacking in the Equipment department, some variants mount an AMS system, giving them limited protection against enemy Missile Boats. It is important to note that the Madcat's Cockpit is relatively vulnerable, and its Center Torso can be attacked with relative ease due to its protrusion outward, as well as the fact that its arms do not provide side protection.



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