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Screenshake is a mechanic where you can disrupt your targets aim by shaking their cockpit. Receiving screenshake will shake your crosshair, and field of view in proportion to the offending weapons Explosion Pressure, which disorients pilots and interrupts aim. Screenshake can be a minor annoyance at worst, and a devastating counter at its best. Many of the highest damage weapons are particularly vulnerable to being interrupted with screenshake, and a skilled pilot can utilize their screenshake weapon to potentially interrupt any weapon given their knowledge of recycle times, and eye for aim.

Notable Screenshake Weapons

  • Artillery: ArrowIV, Long Tom and Thumper Artillery have the highest explosion pressure, damage, range and splash radius of all screenshake options - however, it's hampered by a slow rate of fire, and are only mounted on specialty chassis focused on delivering artillery.
  • AC20 & AC10
  • HVAC10 & HVAC5
  • Thunderbolts
  • PPC
  • SRM & ATM (HE)
  • MRM


Weapon Weapon Type Explosion Pressure
Long Tom Ballistic 7000
Thumpers Ballistic 3000
ArrowIV Missile 2700
Bomb (HE) Bomb 2200
AC20 Ballistic 1800
Bomb (LG) Bomb 1700
HPPC Energy 1300
Air Thunderbolt Missile 1000
HVAC10 Ballistic 1000
Thunderbolts Missile 1000
BA SRM Missile 900
ERPPC Energy 800
PPC Energy 800
Air UAC20 Ballistic 700
StreakSRM Missile 630
ATM (HE) Missile 600
LPPC Energy 560
Air SRM Missile 520
Air StreakSRM Missile 520
SRM Missile 520
AC10 Ballistic 500
ATM (Std) Missile 400
Air ATM (Std) Missile 400
BA GrenadeLauncher Ballistic 400
Air UAC10 Ballistic 330
Bomb (Cl) Bomb 320
AC5 Ballistic 300
Air LRM Missile 300
ELRM Missile 300
LRM Missile 300
ATM (ER) Missile 280
Air ATM (ER) Missile 280
Air MRM Missile 275
MRM Missile 275
HVAC5 Ballistic 180
BA PPC Energy 140
Air UAC5 Ballistic 100
AC2 Ballistic 60
HVAC2 Ballistic 60
All stats are current as of release 0.14.10