An Alternative Game Advance Guide

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An Alternative Game Advance Guide

There are quite few ways to advance thru the game.

We will consider here one based on least ticket cost per asset. And not only that, we try to discuss each asset and try customize it in such a way (yes no mechlab here) to take most advance of it's fire power, heat capacity and fire discipline. And all this for the usual scroll wheel mouse (they aptly named three button mouse).


To the actual game effect, the computer performance is absolutely crucial.
For even marginal playability, your system and setup has to break 22-26 FPS. If You can't afford to upgrade above that, just forget about any brawling or skirmishing - stay back,and rely on long range guided weapons only.
For true, respect worthy brawling, one has to break 60 FPS, and have no dips below 45FPS at no time. Ever. If You choke - you'll die.
I'm a sucker for eye candy, but when playing, I opt for performance - thus i use low quality high FPS user.cfg file
key thing is - set everything to low (1) and only water to medium (2) so it be transparent.
further 10-15FPS is gained by the rest of the file - really low quality setting tho.

The Wheel Mouse

Despite of the majorities firm belief, the typical wheel mouse can have 5 (five) actions bound to it's sensors:

  1. left mouse button (button number 1)
  2. right mouse button (button number 2)
  3. wheel press (button number 3)
  4. wheel roll forward (button number 4)
  5. wheel roll backward (button number 5)

this allows for binding no less than 5 (five) weapon groups on the regular wheeled mouse.

But we will use only 3 here - and make for 1-2-3 firing discipline.

1-2-3 firing discipline

1-2-3 is usually referred to mechs with energy weapons in group one, ballistic weapon(s) in group two, and missiles in group three, but as long as we deal with three groups of weapons, we might consider the asset a 1-2-3 firing discipline asset.

1-2-3 firing discipline means that any of the groups should be fired only if certain condition are met, and not wildly and without any knowledge or attention.
Grouping is done by either Window of Engagement, range, heat produced, rate of fire (or spin up), some other key factor.

Lets consider now the factors that need be met for a group to be fired:

  1. target is likely to be hit (on aim, or on aim with due precesion)
  2. target is in range of the groups main weapons
  3. weapons are ready for firing (ammo is non zero, weapons are jam free, weapons are present)
  4. heat capacity can handle firing the group

All of sudden, it's not just point and click any more, isn't it? It seems You're a good Mech-Warrior material after all, eh?

warning: 0.9.3 release content follows for illustration purposes: might become outdated any time 

So, lets consider here the well known Awesome assault class mech, variant G (G stands here for Graveyard, not Gladiator, although it is more renowned by it's popular nick "The Nutcracker") Where do we put each of it's dreadful RAC's and PPCs?

  1. left arm PPC to the group 1 (left mouse button)
  2. right ram PPC to the group 2 (right mouse button)
  3. both RAC5s to the group 3 (middle mouse button - wheel press)

why? While in partial cover, one can avoid firing the occluded PPC this way (to not-self PPC it self), and wait until it is off cover to fire it.
If fired at just the right delay, the two PPC can keep the(single) enemy disoriented just long enough for the RAC5 to recover from a full jam.
The RAC5 can fire continuously, from spin up to full jam, just enough for one PPC to come online, if they where both fired at fore mentioned delay.
This in effect means, the Nutcracker is capable to deliver an constant stream of Insult and injury 700 meters (PPC 700m/ RAC5 500m) down to hugging distance. Provided the RAC5 ammo-bin reloads are ducked in safety of cover.
This also suggests it is quite vulnerable to anything but a sole or isolated target - so "Never alone" still applies here.

Least Tier Advancing

For the player to really succeed in this, awareness is the most valuable feat. To be aware of the chosen unit's most weakness and strength. And last not least, to be aware of his/her chances to flee or stand the ground. As it happens, each Tier has a Mech outstanding in it, here we will pick one at some tiers, and try make our progression thru the game with them.

Following are some examples for the 0.9.3 game release. As most of the releases had changes all over the game, including but not limited to weapon damage, asset loadout and armor protection factors, your mileage may vary. Below are examples that might not apply any more in the time this is being read.

Osiris C

Tier 1
Tickets worth 1
Weapon grouping:

  1. 3x SLBL
  2. PPC
  3. SRM6

Use stealth, preferably at night, open the brawl with the PPC to maximize opponent's disorientation, the most punch lies by the SRM6 launcher, therefore close in so it can fully bear, the 3SBL, while not quite potent, still add to the overall damage, fire often and can quite make the difference of life or death, so don't spare them no slack!

Chimera C

Tier 5
Tickets worth 5
Weapon Grouping:

  1. 4x SBL
  2. PPC
  3. MRM40

This one requires for nerves of steel - it's main punch lies in the quirky MRM40 - so powerful a blow, yet so tricky to land. Just avoid shooting any moving targets, or at least those moving across. Those can be shoot at with group 1, eventually group 2. Once in a while each opponent runs across an stopping obstacle or just needs to stop for whatever reason - that's the instant where the MRM40 launcher comes to shine, or for the unsuspecting opening blow. Most of damage inflicted is usually by the 4x SBL, and an occasional PPC volley.

Uziel C

In the 54k spawn bracket, the Uziel is the more maneuverable one and the Bushwacker the more armored (and two tickets more expensive to loose to the team)
Tier 6
Tickets worth 6
Weapon Grouping:

  1. MXPL and 3x SXPL
  2. AC10
  3. Tbolt5

The Tbolt5, while not spectacularly destructible, really is helpful, for it is the most disorienting weapon in the enemies eyes. Use it thus as an advantage giver. The AC10 packs the main punch, so try hard to make it's shots count the most. All the while keeping the group 1 taxing both the foes armor and your dire two DHS (and an occasional [c]oolant squirt)

Rifleman F

The popular "Aftershock" is a cheap one among riflemans, and readily available from 66k spawn onward.
Tier 8
Tickets worth 7
Weapon Grouping:

  1. Left PPC and Left AC10
  2. Right PPC and Right AC10
  3. both PPCs (again)

When going with this one, it helps nothing that no one will unpunished harass you as an balooning VTOL - you will be a primary target if outstanding from the crowd, let alone if caught alone in the open. Short of that, the AC10 pair is the foremost message one could send to an flying asset 600m afar, let alone coupled with the two PPC jolts (where they to hit). On the ground, use the disparate weapon timing to fire the two hands and two weapon types in succession while starting in accord - for maximum effect. If not 100% sure a hit will land, take chance with the ammo-cheap 3 group, or on a hot map, bind it to the cooler AC10s instead.
Remember: the AC10 and PPC have quite differing flight speeds - so shooting a moving target with group 1 or 2 will unavoidably result in one weapon's miss. However shooting an slow moving target will allow both of the weapons to land a hit.

Warhammer Prime

The two PPC just straight outperform the two AC10 of the variant B. Price bracket sub 74k
Tier 10
Tickets worth 8
Weapon Grouping:

  1. Left PPC, Left MBL Left SBL
  2. Right PPC, Right MBL, Right SBL
  3. SRM6

First introduce the both PCCs and try use terrain as you close to the SRM6 range, to avoid being shot at. Once in SRM6 range, fire 1, 2, 3, groups in succession and as soon as each of the weapons becomes available, the SBL lasers being fired most often. Try avoid to miss, and try land PPC jolts in the center torso - to efficiently utilize their large splash. Try to listen to PPC reloads if you can, to be ready to change the leading of the shot. We are counting on our STD engine to allow us to sustain deeper scarring and more damage than the XL faring opponents. Torso ratings in the lower dozen percent are common place on STD engine units when returning for repairs.

Avesome G

Tier 13
Tickets worth 11
Weapon Grouping:

  1. Left PPC
  2. Right PPC
  3. 2x RAC5

Nothing to add here, except to keep an eye on the support - "never alone"

Mauler C

the "C" here stands for "Candy store" althoug it ir more often referred to as "Broadside", i just can't take my eye of the load out of this mech, or should I call it monster? 9000 c-bills cheaper than the even more evil brother the Variant D.

Tier 11
Tickets worth 12
Weapon Grouping:

  1. MRM30
  2. UAC20 and LBX20
  3. SRM6 and 4x SRM2

The group 1 is for opening volley, and the finishing blow only - for the most motionless targets. Main pain is inflicted with the asynchronous group 2, which will most certainly choke on the UAC20's jams versus the LBX20's slow re-fire rate. The Group 3 can eventually be switched to chain fire to provide the pilot a "Fig leaf" for the group 2's short comings. Best used for 1v1 or to spearhead an coordinated attack.

We would like to leave as an exercise for the reader to find it's own favorite mech among the many variants of MW:LL, and customize it's weapon groups to his/her best liking and playstyle.