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There are many videos out there on the web that show off the gameplay of MechWarrior: Living Legends, and the exploits of individual players and teams. This page is dedicated to a different category of video about this game, the training and tutorial videos. As the game continues to evolve and the developers continue to fine-tune various aspects of the mod, expect more of these to show up.

Current Videos

[CGB-297th] Tyler Jorgensson created a short series of basics videos that cover installation, joining a game and the basics of play.

[CSF] Ressk has an easy to follow and relatively short intro to gameplay tutorial.

Legacy Videos

The videos linked below were created in much older versions of the game and thus may not accurately reflect the gameplay, UI or other elements of the current version. That being said, many of the fundamental points they cover are still relevant even today.

Official Videos

These videos were originally released by the development team as part of a simple tutorial to the game.

Unofficial Videos

These videos were made by various players in the community, primarily to cover more in-depth or complex topics.

Doorknob's Tutorial Series

Doorknob created a series of tutorial videos covering a wide range of fundamentals back in 2011, although the game has changed significantly since these were uploaded. Many fundamental concepts are, again, still the same despite the age of his series and are worth a look.