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About Me

I am one crazy Clan Snow Raven fan. Sadly (and ironically), I have yet to master the art of flying ASF...

Mech Preferences

You'll typically see me in a(n):

  • Osiris
    • F (Back-capping and pretending to be The Flash XD)
    • G (Eating BA for breakfast, and stealing kills since 0.8.0)
  • Raven
    • 'Nuff said
  • Shadow Cat (Arguably the most versatile precision-strike 'Mech)
    • Prime (For when you want that CGauss hit that's juuuuuust right)
    • B (RAYDNEYK TAIME!!!!; also dem I-JJs)
    • C (A lightly microwaved poptart :P)
    • D (For when you want to narc and shoot missiles)
    • F (Mobstah Cat)
  • Thanatos
    • A (Dat HGauss)


General Things

  • Update ALL the hard data
  • Add fluff where necessary (the kinda-soft data)
  • Call up appropriate articles and tell 'em they're old :P
  • Add articles on planned assets and/or other confirmed upcoming things
  • Camos (?)
  • Deez Maps tho...

Specific and Likely (Hopefully) Temporary Things

Some of these items are likely to be voided due to moving to this new wiki...

  • New images for ALL assets
    • Most ASF need new/updated in-game images, preferably with some Anti-Aliasing
  • Flesh out/update Linux Installation
  • Update ALL hard data stats to 0.8.3/4/5/6 (mostly the same minus a few exceptions) and/or add new ones for:
    • Weapons
      • Ballistic
        • Air Ballistics
      • Missile
        • Air Missiles
      • Laser
        • Air Lasers
    • Assets
      • Mechs
        • IS
          • Lights
          • Mediums
          • Heavies
          • Assaults
        • Clan
          • Lights
          • Mediums
          • Heavies
          • Assaults
      • Vehicles
        • Hovers
        • Tracked
        • Chevy
      • Aeros
        • Implement maneuverability ratings
      • VTOLs
      • Final armour pass (in-game readings; i.e. "#t [[Armor]")
        • Vehicles still not standardized...
  • Throw in some fluff, though only after stats are in place
  • Make and upload new/updated template icons/thumbnails(?)
    • Mech armor diagram needs a revamp/update
      • External pods and back armor need icons/parts
      • LT/RT might need to be switched? (but maybe that's just me)
  • 3D Viewer for Prime variant of each asset (nice-to-have, not high priority)