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This infobox template is for Turrets.


Armor 4500
Detection Ranges
Battle Armor:
Aerospace Fighters:
250 meters
500 meters
500 meters
700 meters
700 meters

Blank Template

The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article and then filling in the desired fields. Some parameters are not required and will not be displayed when left blank or omitted.

| Image = 
| ImageSize = 
| Name = 
| Weapons = <ul>
| Armor = 
| Range BA = 
| Range Mech = 
| Range Vehicle = 
| Range ASF = 
| Range VTOL = 


Parameter Required Function
Image Yes Image name: File:abc.jpg, File:xpz.png, Image:123.gif; Image name must be prefixed with Image: or File: to function.
ImageSize No Image size is the width of the image. Will also determine the width of the infobox. Defaults to 350px when omitted.
Name Yes The name of the turret.
Weapons Yes Weapons used by the turret. Weapons require <ul> and <li> to function properly as unordered lists.
Armor Yes Armor at full health
Range BA Yes Detection range for Battle Armor in meters.
Range Mech Yes Detection range for Mechs in meters.
Range Vehicle Yes Detection range for Vehicles in meters.
Range VTOL Yes Detection range for VTOLs in meters.
Range ASF Yes Detection range for Aerospace Fighters in meters.