Inferno Charge

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As of update 0.10.3, this and the C8 Blasting Block have been removed from the Battle Armor's arsenal, who can now only wield weapons

The Inferno Charge is similar to the C8 Blasting Block in that it can be "stuck" to an enemy Mech or Vehicle. The main use of the Inferno Charge is as a strategic weapon; when detonated, it transfers massive amounts of heat and damage with a large splash. The transferred heat can temporarily overheat and disable a Mech or Vehicle, allowing easier placement of C8. As the Inferno Charge has a 1 second fuse, and detonates almost immediately after placement, care must be taken when deploying it as the damage and splash can immediately kill a Battle Armor. Conversely, this makes Inferno Charges good BA killers in the right hands.

By default each Battle Armor is equipped with 1 Inferno Charge, but up to 5 be purchased for 1000 Cbills.