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This page will describe in a few easy steps to start up a dedicated server for MechWarrior Living Legends. Since 0.4.0, the process for setting up a dedicated server has become much easier than it used to be.

Server Configuration

Server configuration is done entirely with the MWLL Launcher. First, select the Dedicated Server Configuration option from the launcher.

Map Rotation

Choose the maps you wish to enter into the rotation by selecting them, then clicking Add to Rotation. All the maps available to your server are categorized by game mode, so double-check that you are adding maps from the desired game mode. From there, you can click an added map and configure the settings directly for that map, including spawn timers, respawn limits, income scaling and more.

The download URL is used for custom maps to tell the game where to download the map from when a player trying to connect to your server does not have it. You can find the main repository of maps here; simply find the custom map(s) you are using, copy the link for it, replace https with http if present (!), and paste it into its download URL bar.

An example of a simple Solaris Arena map rotation.

General Settings

Under this tab, you can set the server's name, the port it will use and whether or not it is password protected. The server's capacity and auto-start limits can also be set here, along with automatic ban settings to prevent egregious teamkilling.

While forwarding the game's port is not necessary, doing so will allow it to be visible on websites such as Spooky's online server browser and via the MWLL Server Beacon bot on Discord.

Advanced Settings

The HTTP server options allow for the remote management of your server using an external tool as opposed to the server in-game console, which can cause some issues. Debugging has the server collect logs in case of a crash or other problem and can be used to keep chat logs.

Known Issues

  • Naming the levelrotation.xml file anything other than levelrotation.xml and trying to load it inside the server.cfg is bound to fail. Crysis has a bug that ignores this variable, and it will subsequently load the default levelrotation.xml that came with the mod.
  • Modifications made directly to the server.cfg file, found in the My Documents/My Games/Crysis Wars/MWLL/server folder will not take effect if the launcher configuration tool is used, as they will be overwritten. Always keep a backup of your server.cfg file (unless you do intend to overwrite it).

Unlimited Funds Testing Setup

To setup a private testing server where you can have unlimited money, enter the command sv_leaguemode_enabled = 1 followed by sv_leaguemode_givecbills = 1 into the server console. This will enable League Mode on your server and from there, every time you press the Home key, you will receive 100,000 CBills.


The server can be launched from the launcher, or alternatively from an custom created shortcut.

/TODO/ put a screenshot of shortcut parameters

For the time use this instead for an example how to make shortcuts that launch the server - in the example it launches the editor instead.


If all went well, the server can be shut down by typing quit into the console too.