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A list of all default MWLL Controls. Controls, unlike in original Crysis, can be edited only through Actionmapper, an external application included with MWLL.


Action Key
Aim Mouse
Accelerate W
Decelerate S
Turn Left A
Turn Right D
Set throttle Numpad 0-9
Numpad +
Brake X
Switch between Ramping (Mech-style)
and instant (VTOL-style) throttle
Boost / Sprint / MASC / Afterburner /
VTOL vector thrust forward
Left Shift
Jump Jets Space
Level out (Aero) Left Alt
Center torso with turret (only works when floating reticle is disabled) Right Alt
Deploy / Crouch Left Ctrl
(while standing still)
Enter unit / Eject / Exit /
Pick up BA weapon
Power Up / Down P
Action Key
Enable / Disable Mech Floating Reticle F1
Couple / Decouple Mech Floating Reticle F2
Select weapon group Left / Right Arrow
Select weapon Up / Down Arrow
Activate / Deactivate weapon
in current group
Right CTRL
Fire group 1 Mouse Left Button or 1
Fire group 2 Mouse Right Button or 2
Fire group 3 Mousewheel Button or 3
Fire group 4 Mouse button 4 or 4
Fire group 5 Mouse button 5 or 5
Fire group 6 6
Toggle Group / Chain fire Backspace
Toggle Radar: Active / Passive R
- Nearest enemy

- Entity under crosshair Q
- Next enemy T
- Previous enemy G
- Next Friendly B
- Previous Friendly V
Strategical Map M
Flush coolant C
Override shutdown H
Toggle Night Vision I
Toggle Search Light L
Zoom Z
Battle Armor
Action Key
Fire current weapon 1st Mouse Button
Switch weapon Mouse wheel up / down
Select / Cycle main weapons 2 / Mouse Button 4
Select SRM2 3 / Mouse Button 5
Throw grenade Right Mouse Button
Cycle grenade type Mousewheel Button

Money & related
Action Key
Buy Menu , (comma)
Buy Ammo (first reloads all, then buys
extra tons for the currently selected weapon)
. (period)
Sell unit / Drop BA weapon J
Send money Right shift,
then use arrows to pick.
Enter to confirm,
Esc to abort
Action Key
Chat Y
Team Chat U
Action Key
Map M
Score Board Tab
Game Menu Esc
Console ~