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Made by MWLL Lead Coder Ingrater


The CCC utility

Get the CCC 3.0 from [1]. Even though it's for Warhead, it works on Crysis Wars too.

Installing the CCC 3.0:

  • unzip and start the installer
  • Select your Crysis Wars folder as the install directory, e.g.: C:\Program Files(x86)\Electronic Arts\Crysis Wars\
  • Select DirectX 9.0C depending on your operating system
  • Search for the correct level for your pc specs and select one level below it.
    E.g. if you have enough hardware for level 4, select level 3
  • Select "install autoexec.cfg" and "install realistic shadows"
  • When being asked for vsync select "No"
  • When being asked to display FPS select "No"
  • When being asked for physics proccessor:
    • select "Cancel" if you have a single core CPU
    • enter 1 and select "OK" if you have a multi-core CPU

Adjusting the config

  • Open up your Crysis or Wars directory and edit the autoexec.cfg with a text editor
  • Under the section ";[~]CUSTOMIZE THESE SETTINGS TO YOUR OWN COMPUTER[~]" enter your screen resolution at r_width and r_height
    E.g. for 1680x1050
    r_width = 1680
    r_height = 1050
  • Save your changes

Creating a shortcut

Create a shortcut to play (only if you are not using the MWLL launcher).

  • Create a shortcut on your desktop to your Crysis.exe
    • 32bit: Crysis Wars/Bin32/Crysis.exe
    • 64bit: Crysis Wars/Bin64/Crysis.exe
  • right click on the shortcut and go to properties (german: Eigenschaften)
  • In the target line (german: Ziel) add the following to the end: -mod MWLL -dx9
    It should look like this then:
    ...\Crysis Wars\Bin32\Crysis.exe -mod MWLL -dx9
  • Hit "OK"

Launcher settings

If you are using your launcher tick the "Force DX9" checkbox.

Shader Cache cleanup

  • Delete shaders chache
    • Goto your My Documents\My Games\Crysis Wars\Shaders folder and delete the Cache folder. No worries the game will recreate it.
  • Congratulations you are ready to play now, just click on the created shortcut to start MWLL

Additional tweaking

If you still don't have enough FPS go to your Crysis Wars directory and start the CCC-Warhead_Config_switcher.exe and select one level below the current one. You then may need to redo the last 2 steps from "Install the CCC 3.0". If you already are on the lowest level, buy a better pc ;-)

Another thing to try is to add the following to aforementioned section of your autoexec.cfg:

log_Verbosity = 0
log_FileVerbosity = 0

If you have a really good machine you can try selecting higher levels.

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