Wolverines Rebirth

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Wolverines Rebirth
Tag: [W-R]
Affiliation: Clans
Website: http://wolverines-rebirth.de
Discord: none
TS3: Wr-clan.no-ip.org
Members: 10-15 Members
Recruitment Style: Open
  • BuRNer- Khan
  • Marius - saKhan MWLL
  • Stublerone – saKhan Star Citizen
Timezone: GMT +1 mostly EU


Masquerading as mercenaries until the time came to exact revenge upon the enemies of Sarah McEvedy. WR, as the redeemed Clan Wolverine, is a European-focused multi-game unit , open to recruiting players from around the world. Featuring German and English language members participating in casual and organized gameplay. Born from a desire to compete in the Chaos March event, [W-R] has been active in organized and casual gameplay since 2014. Always ready for battle and seeking recruits to continue the march to glory.

Plus clan wolverine history, Sarah and Kerensky and their annihilation but Sarah was never confirmed found again.


  • Chaos March
  • Active teamspeak
  • Competition team in events
  • Public Gameplay
  • Learn to fly in many tactical flight simulators and return as an Ace in the skies of MWLL. Join the WR flight squadron in games such as:
    • 7/Sch G.2
    • IL-2 1946
    • IL-2 Bos
    • IL-2 CoD

Other games played

Arma 3, Star Citizen , Guild Wars


Teamspeak for organized gameplay and recruitment.