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Turrets are automated objects, able to react on nearby presence, by alarm and opening fire.


For an turret to work there are following requirements:

  1. 3d model of the Base - the part that pivots (a.k.a. yaw or azimuth)
  2. 3d model of the gun-mount - the part that holds the weapon and swivels (a.k.a. pitch or elevation)
  3. Barrels - the actual weapons 3d art placed on a turret - there can be only one barrel helper ,named "gun", on the model
  4. Archetype entity - an XML script defining common properties of all the occurrences across the level (a.k.a. map) and the unique Class ID.
  5. Class entity - what will hold the unique properties of the entity in the libraries, like damage and rate of fire...
  6. Entities - the actual instance of an turret placed on the map.
It has to be investigated yet, if an multi weapon turret can (and how) have Barrels placed to individual weapons. The endorsed Calliope turret doesn't, it has fixed models in the gun-mount 3d model.


  1. the Y axis looks down the bore (placing)
  2. resetting the transforms (world = local)
  3. grouping helpers (dummies or empties)
  4. naming the helpers
  5. ad hock checking if the export is good


  1. The Y axis is "forward"
  2. Resetting the transforms
  3. The mount pivot is to be at world zero axis
  4. Helpers
  5. Grouping for export
  6. Quick and dirty check


  1. When can a barrel be applied to a turret
  2. Where are the barrel models
  3. What to do for turrets with more barrels

Define the library

  1. Why initially define in Sandbox2
  2. Where files
  3. The fields of interest

Define the turret

  1. How to easy start making a new turret
  2. What are the engine generic weapons (from the non modded game)
  3. What are the MW:LL weapons
  4. What weapons work with turrets (yes some won't work (yet))
  5. Turret XML's fields of interest
  6. Sane turret performance parameters and guidelines (~200dps +/-30, turn rate, field of action)

Include an custom turret

  1. 1st import the library to a new map
  2. where files (official and editor generated)
  3. fields of interest