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As with any Beta release of software, the MWLL mod does suffer from some crashing, lockups and bugs, but also Crysis itself is not perfect, and many problems come from the main game more than MWLL itself.

This FAQ aims to provide a list of frequently encountered technical problems in MWLL. If you do not find your question on here, you can find help in the #tech_support channel in our Discord!


I downloaded the 0.8.0 full Installer and the installer crashes/won't finish.

A: Make sure you didn't use Windows to unzip the Installer file. Use 7zip or WinRAR to unpack it.

The installer put the files into the wrong directory!

A: Right click on this link, then click on "Save As", and save it to your desktop, then merge it in your registry. Then, reboot your PC and run the MWLL installer. The installer should ask you for the MWLL installation directory now. Make sure to point it to the Crysis Wars installation directory, not to the MWLL directory!

The old link to MWLL Launcher is not working anymore!

A: With MWLL 0.8.3, we shipped a brand new Launcher, and we moved the old one to an archive directory (Legacy Launcher in the MWLL install directory). We suggest to create a link that points to the new Launcher while installing the MWLL patch. You can also navigate to the MWLL installation folder, right click on MWLLLauncher and click Send to -> Desktop

I clicked on Configuration -> Configure Controls on the Launcher, but nothing happens.

A: The Actionmapper application requires Java 32 bit to work. Click on this link, then download the Windows Offline installer (not the 64 bit), and execute it.

Game doesn't start or crashes while starting

A: Follow these steps:

1. Make sure you installed DirectX redistributables. You can find them here:

2. Make sure you have the VC2005 redistributable installed. You can install it by running the 4 executable files vcredist_ that you find in Crysis Wars/Mods/MWLL/Bin32 and Crysis Wars/Mods/MWLL/Bin64. Do not attempt to install the 64 bit redistributables in 32 bit systems.

3. If it crashes while launching, you might have a corrupted profile. In this case, you have to delete this folder: %USERPROFILE%/Documents/My Games/Crysis Wars/Profiles/

When I start up MWLL, my screen goes black and nothing happens!

A: MWLL takes a while to start up due to the inbuilt client side cheat protection. On some machines this can give you up to 30 seconds of black screen, so give it a little while and see if it loads.

When I start up MWLL, a weird console thing appears!

A: Just close it with tilde (~) or ESC. This is necessary to workaround an old CryEngine bug.

MWLL won't allow me to select the correct resolution of my screen

A: Crysis Wars supports resolutions up to 1920x1200. If 1920x1200 is not available, make sure to disable any multi-GPU setup, such as Nvidia Optimus if on laptop, Nvidia SLI or AMD CrossFire if on desktop. You can also force higher resolutions in the config file, which is %USERPROFILE%/Documents/My Games/Crysis Wars/game.cfg. The commands are r_width and r_height, which respectively set the screen width and height resolution (in pixels)

I cannot connect to a server / I cannot register an account or login!

A: You need to register a Qtracker account in order to be able to see the server list. Here is how you do it:

(only if you did not use our full installer) make sure to install the Gamespy fix.

Have a look at this video on how to make an account that sticks.

If the instructions in the video didn't work, try to restart Windows' BFE service:

       1. Close MWLL
       2. Click Start, type services.msc and hit enter
       3. Locate and right click on the service named BFE (Base Filtering Engine)
       4. Click on Restart
       5. Close the Services prompt, and start MWLL

If this still fails, try to switch to either OpenDNS or GoogleDNS. Instructions are here

If all of this still fails, you can give the Alt. Launcher a try. It comes with its own server browser and bypasses GameSpy/Qtracker altogether.

When I connect to a server, I get a "modified files" error and the game closes!

A: Just start the game again and connect normally. This is a bug that made it into 0.8 - it can happen when just having freshly installed MWLL.

If that doesn't solve it, you can click on Verify Installation on the new Launcher. It will provide you a list of the missing / corrupted files.

My game crashes often, especially when I try to zoom!

A: Crashes happen. Sorry! We are working on fixing them. Here are some tweaks that could make the game more stable:

Crysis Wars officially supports resolution up to 1920x1200. Anything above (2k, 4k) might cause unexpected crashes (especially while zooming).

Make sure you are running 64 bit mode. Open the Launcher, click on Configuration, then make sure that the Use 64 bit mode option is checked. 32 bit mode is not reccomended, as it is more unstable than the 64 bit mode.

Crysis Wars is known to hate overlays. Many crashes are caused by them. Disabling all the overlays (Steam, TeamSpeak, Discord) will make the game more stable.

Make sure you don't run the game through Steam.

If you are using a multi-GPU setup (Nvidia SLI, AMD CrossFire, or Nvidia Optimus), disable it. You don't really need much GPU power anyway.

I lost my connection/crashed and now the server tells me "authentication failed" / I'm stuck on the loading screen when I try to reconnect!

A: Try again in 30-60 seconds. The server still sees your player and it takes a a short while until it times out.

I have terrible ping and the game lags a lot!

A: This can have many causes. Pay attention to where the server you're playing on is located. Ping will increase with distance.

Are you on Windows 10? Go to Windows Update settings -> Advanced options -> Choose how updates are delivered and set Updates from more than one place and set it to Off or PCs on my local network. Also disable all telemetry that you can find. You can also use Spybot Anti-Beacon for this.

Do you have an overeager firewall or something like that? Try disabling it temporarily. Some routers also have problems with the UDP spam that CryEngine produces.

Furthermore, large games that hit the player limit simply stress the engine too much and you will feel like you're lagging occasionally, this cannot be helped.

I get disconnected a lot during the game, the error reads "Malformed packet"

A: It is not known where exactly this error comes from, and the dev team is looking into it with a high priority. It can happen to some players more than others. Some players report that restarting or even replacing their network router works around it.

Discord / TeamSpeak / Steam overlays don't work!

A: CryEngine hates overlays. Not really much to do about that. Using overlays is not advisable, because they negatively affect the game stability.

My console becomes black when I open it, and clouds, terrain or the HUD get funny colors.

A: This is known as the rainbow bug or shader bug, it can be fixed by clicking the "clear shader cache" button in the MWLL launcher. You can prevent this bug from happening by opening and closing the console after you started the game. You can add the line consoleshow to your autoexec.cfg in your Crysis Wars directory to have it open automatically. The combined installer should be unaffected as it already comes with such a suitable autoexec.

My sound is very choppy/keeps cutting out/pops.

A: In Windows, go to Control Panel -> Sound -> Select your playback device -> Click Properties -> Advanced tab. Problems can appear if you use a too high sample rate. Try with 2 channel, 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality)

I have an high refresh rate monitor (75Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz), but when in Fullscreen mode, the screen will use a slower refresh rate (50Hz / 60Hz)

A: It's not possible to manually specify the refresh rate of the monitor while in Fullscreen mode, and for some reason, the game will cap the refresh rate at 50Hz / 60Hz if you do that. Only solution for that is to run the game in Windowed mode. Also, remember to disable V-Sync (use r_vsync=0 in the console).

How can I run the game in Fullscreen-Window / borderless-window mode?

A: CryEngine 2 doesn't support that screen mode. You need a third party application like Borderless Gaming. Remember to set the game in Windowed mode and to disable V-Sync if you want to use this.

My mech's torso doesn't move like it should, controls are all wonky, what's up?

A: Make sure you have no gamepad or controller plugged in, as this can mess with Crysis' key and mouse inputs.

I can't get my Joystick to work!

A: Crysis Wars only supports XInput devices. (i.e. X360 pad, or X360 emulators).

You can workaround this by reading this guide or see the Joystick setup page.

How do I disable force-feedback on my joystick/gamepad?

A: Add this to your autoexec.cfg: i_forcefeedback = 0

It's also a good idea to have a look at Game.log with a text editor when you're having problems. It's located in the Crysis Wars directory.