The Living Legends

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The Living Legends
Tag: (TLL)
Affiliation: Mercenaries
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Game Servers:
Members: Over 50 Members
Timezone: GMT-7 (EST) and GMT

The Living Legends is a mercenary unit dedicated to MWLL. It is a mixed unit with IS and Clan players alike and members around the world. Most players are coming from the US and Europe with some from Australia.


The Living Legends, or TLL for short, were formed back in 2008 by Seraph and Overwatch. They met early in MWLL development through the forums and decided to create a new unit with only one game in mind: Mechwarrior Living Legends. As early as 6 weeks after the gates on Outreach opened to the public and people starting joining the unit even before the game was even released. Now with over 60+ members and a solid league unit within TLL they are able to offer a home to any player looking for causal or professional gaming. Members joining the unit will have to follow certain rules and code of conduct to maintain a healthy unit.


Members joining TLL are offered various activities throughout the unit. Besides regular trainings for those interested in improving their skills they also offer casual game days where everyone is invited to join and experience playing MWLL with a team and voice communication over their public TeamSpeak 3 server. If you are more of casual player you will find a solid community sharing the same interest. But as other units out there you will also be able to find a structured unit looking for competitive gameplay across leagues.


The Living Legends is organized into two main units: the Living Legends Defense Force and the 1st Auxiliary Forces. Both units serve a different purpose which shall be explained in detail. Every applicant that is accepted into the unit will be joining our 1st Auxiliary Forces. This includes applicants looking for league matches and fun alike. Once joined you can chose if you wish to join our Defense Force. Certain requirements have to be met before you will be accepted to that unit. Those requirements are a certain attendance as well as a point system both used to measure the "dedication" of the member. Further details about how TLL is organized within the Living Legends Defense force will not be disclosed at this point. Best way to contact leadership and members of The Living Legends is through their Public TeamSpeak 3 Server at port 9988. This server is often used by members when playing on one of our servers. All information about signing up for The Living Legends is available in their forum including the application form.

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