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Selling an asset gives the player CBills. Selling is done by moving the asset onto the center of a build bay and pressing the [J] key. The player will be given some of the assets value in the form of CBills. Note that assets cannot be sold within 2 minutes of purchasing them.

Reasons to Sell

  • Upgrading - Players that have saved up enough CBills may want to purchase a new asset. Selling their current one will help them do that.
  • Replacing Weapons - Some weapons, like those on the arms, and externals, when lost, cannot be repaired. The only way to replace them is to sell the asset and buy a new one.
  • Changing Game Roles - Sometimes a player's current asset is inappropriate for the current state of the battlefield. For example, that player might sell their LRM Boat in order to purchase a fast mech if they have lost too many posts in Terrain Control and they want to go back capping.
  • Denying ticket loss - When in combat, in a base about to be overrun, a player can take their severely damaged mech into a build bay and quickly sell it before the enemy has a chance to destroy it and drain the player's team of tickets. Keep in mind that BA are worth two tickets, so unless the asset is worth more than two tickets, this tactic is not particularly helpful.