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There is often something going on at all times in the MechWarrior: Living Legends community. Here is a brief overview of events that are organized by players for players:

General Events

Chaos March

Chaos March (abbreviated to CM) is a weekly event organized by members of the MWLL community for the MWLL community that usually takes place starting at 20:00 UTC/GMT every Saturday and Sunday, with occasional drops on Fridays. CM, in a nutshell, involves organized combat between two sides over worlds in various kinds of combat operations that are the basis of an external strategic layer.

You can learn more about the Chaos March here.]

Ishiyama - The Black Mountain Cup

Solaris Arena Championship

This event is often a series of Solaris Arena matches played with a particular theme, often a weight or faction restriction.

Training Events

Open Training Day

Open Training Day is an opportunity for players new to MWLL to get some one-on-one time with veteran(s) to work on the basics of the game: buying assets, moving around, understanding combat and engaging in friendly sparring. It also serves as a place for more established players to learn a new asset class, specifically aerospace or VTOLs. This event typically takes place on Saturdays on a special server.

Terrain Control 101

Similar to Open Training Day, Terrain Control 101 (TC 101) provides an avenue for players who have the basics down pat to hone their skills further in MWLL's most popular game-mode. TC 101 has recently moved to a 'drop based' format, where interested players drop into public matches alongside veterans. Players are encouraged to sign up in advance and include a specific learning goal/objective -- the veterans will seek to help player refine this aspect of their gameplay during the event.

Should there ever be enough interest and commitment, an alternative format of TC 101 exists where the matches take place entirely separate from public games, providing a more controlled environment which is significantly better for grasping more complicated concepts such as the tactical and strategic elements of MWLL.

Click here for TC 101's sign up page!