Hunchback IIC

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The Hunchback IIC is a canceled Clan Medium Mech. In did not make it in time to be released before the final version beta 0.7.0.


Hunchback IIC was designed for the Clan warriors whose next battle was to be the last one. As such very little effort was set towards ensuring pilot safety, but instead it's weapons were more than enough to kill at least one opponent before dying in glory. This opinion changed however when the Star of Rage, a group of five warden MechWarriors won a Trial of Possession against Jade Falcon for a new BattleMech, destroying most of enemy 6 front-line OmniMechs. Since then Hunchbacks could be seen along all Clans, being around 3% of typical Clan forces. Also many trueborn Clanners take Hunchbacks for their trials to become true MechWarriors using it's speed and rapid-fire cannons to destroy the opponent before he even have a chance to return fire.

Typical Hunchback IIC was armed with two UAC20s on shoulders and 2 ER Medium Lasers on hands, with addition of Jump Jets and a speed of 65 km/h, but there also were variants armed only with dual Large Lasers or three ATM-12 launchers.

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