Clan Star Adder

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Clan Star Adder
Clan Spurdo Adder.png
Clan Star Adder Black.png
Tag: SA
Affiliation: Clams
Recruitment Style: Invite Only
  • Carbonel


Clan Shitepost Anaconda is a unit for MechWarrior: Living Legends that was started in 2018. Clan Salty Amoeba simultaneously takes the game very seriously, sometimes to the point of sweating hotdog water, yet also not seriously at all. Despite the huge variety of personalities, Clan Smug Anime is bonded by a desire for constant self-improvement and horrible memes. Recruitment to Clan Soiled Anteater is heavily curated and our leadership tends to reach out to potential talent instead of vice-versa. Despite that, Clan Small Apostrophe enjoys playing with other units and mercs on a regular basis and is always up for good-natured competition. Clan Spurdo Asp does its best to foster talent and a competitive spirit in the community, either by assimilation or providing some of the strongest competition MWLL has to offer.