Clan Smoke Jaguar

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Clan Smoke Jaguar
Clan Smoke Jaguar Logo.png
Tag: ~SJ~
Affiliation: Clans
Recruitment Info:
Game Servers:
  • Chaos March Alanta U.S.A League Server
  • ~SJ~ Huntress A Mixed Maps
  • ~SJ~ Huntress B Solaris Arena
  • ~SJ~ Huntress C Free Testing Centre
  • ~SJ~ Huntress D Puretech
  • ~SJ~ Huntress E Mixed Maps
Members: 25-50 Members
Recruitment Style: Open
  • VicViper - Khan
  • Duelist - saKhan
  • Red - Loremaster
  • Proxema - Galaxy Commander
  • Phylex - Star Colonel
  • Kidzin, DashFire - Star Captain
Timezone: GMT-5 mostly US timezones, EU and some Asian

SJ insig.png


After 3060 and the refusal war many believed that Clan Smoke Jaguar was all but annihilated, our Touman was scattered like ashes to the wind. But unlike the Inner Sphere surats that bested us with their sham of a star league, we would not fall away. Our warriors return, like the stream that leads to the sea all Jaguar warriors scattered across our Occupation Zone found refuge in our warships and the asteroids that were left alone by pursuing forces, preparing for the right time to strike.

That time is now! As the once mighty Federated Commonwealth implodes and other successor states close in for the kill we will make our move. We have reclaimed most of what was Beta Galaxy's 362nd Battle Cluster. After the shame of defeat on Tukkayid and being the only offensive launched by our clan against Operation Bulldog just to be pushed back into our Occupation Zone and then expelled entirely, we are ready for revenge. For all the Spheroids who thought they had seen the last of us, Smoke Jaguar lives again!


  • Chaos Marches competetive play
  • Pub stomping
  • Trials and trainings
  • Active Discord and TeamSpeak 3
  • Trials and variety of fluff


Currently focus is on Chaos March play and org structure is slowly coming together. To join Smoke Jaguars ask about that on Discord channel or message any SJ Veteran there or on TeamSpeak 3


Remember Franklin Osis,

Father of his Clan.

Three strengths he gave us:

The jaguar's spring that brings the enemy down,

The jaguar's claws that rend the enemy's heart,

The jaguar's taste for the enemy's hot blood.

Following in our fathers footsteps is Deathscythe Moon.

Father of ~SJ~, he brought us to MWLL.

He Trialed for Khan in 2005,

And led us to Glory.

First of his actions was to end the Jackal Clan Mercenaries.

A war with them was locked,

And only victory was an option,

Once we were triumphant into nothing they had fallen.

Emerging from our war victorious,

Only to Fight the Legion of Kings Traitorous,

Rightfully allied to Jaguar ranks,

They sought woefully, the Jaguar to outflank.

From fighting with allies to annihilation we trialed,

They thought they had the Jaguar guiled.

Deathscythe once more leading,

The Judas’ utterly defeating.

For the next couple years,

Clan Wolf, and Black Scorpion earned our ire:

But as always the Jaguar is stronger than it may appear,

And after engagements with our laser fire,

It was nothing but peace they did desire.

One spark of hope the Jaguar did spy.

In the Free Will Crusaders it lied.

So a peaceful absorption was started,

And they soon were Jaguar’s blooded.

In the Dark of night a black heart would conspire.

The ways of the clan to bemire;

A coup by Beowolf was attempted.

And Clan Smoke Jaguar was dented,

The Clan once whole and pure,

Was rent where armor once protected.

The Khanship Beowolf tried secure,

And Deathscythe was again livid.

Rallied to his banner were the Jaguar true,

Ready to fight for the grey and the blue,

A banner held to the sky,

Beowolf’s kin were quick to die.

Things afterward were slow to move,

Looking for a new combat system.

Years went by with nothing new,

When Crysis gave us another way to kill IS scum.

MWLL our new home,

MWLL where we have taken isorla,

MWLL is the land of our battle,

MWLL is where the Smoke Jaguar will be feared.

Our numbers are swelled.

And our sibkos raised.

Our warriors are deadly.

Already other units have felt the bite of the Jaguar.

Now that we have reorganized,

So that our leaders fit our numbers,

All other clans will learn to…