Clan Sea Fox

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Clan Sea Fox
Tag: [CSF] (added behind name)
Affiliation: Clans
Members: 10-25 Members
Recruitment Style: Invitation Only
  • Ressk
Timezone: UTC -6, no daylight savings.

CSF Is Best Clan. At Smashing Into Ground.


Clan Sea Fox is a unit for Mechwarrior: Living Legends. We existed back in 2011, but faded out after .72 got shut down, and have returned in far greater force in .82. We are almost exclusively Canadian players from Saskatchewan, with a few scattered further afield within the north.

Our unit is here purely to have a good time in this excellent game. We occasionally will challenge other clans to bouts, and Chaos March is on consideration for wider participation from us. Our primary activity is random pub drops currently.

We are a very casual unit, with almost no requirement other than you show up to play and move where told to. Our skill levels are highly varied, with a few of us having major experience, and some of us getting their first games in. If you are a friendly sort who likes teamplay, you might be a good fit.

We love shooting with you or at you! ~~Ressk [CSF], Khan

Brief History

We are one of the original 20 Clans, created by Kerensky in 2807. Ours is the Clan of Merchants, Warriors, and Thinkers alike, and this sets us apart greatly from our brethren. While our material wealth may be scolded by others, it also ensures our Warriors are well equipped, and allows us to fund research and development into new implements of war. Our most famous creation, the Mad Cat Mk2, is a fearsome beast that well represents the deadly force our Clan holds.

Our rivals are many, and their devious trickery resulted in our noble Sea Fox, totem animal of our Clan, being wiped out by the genetically modified Diamond Shark. Clan Snow Raven wished to humble and shame us with this action, but our adaptability once more came into play, and our Clan renamed itself to Clan Diamond Shark, in spite of their efforts.

Our list of battles stretches as long as others, but we were present for the mess of Tukayyid. Fighting valiantly but to a pointless end, our Clan swallowed the bitter pill that was Com-Star's victory like the rest.

After the Jihad, our brilliant scientists were able to reintroduce the Sea Fox to the waters of our homeworld, and our Clan once more returned to its original name as Kerensky gave it.


  • Weeknight and Weekend pub drops
  • Competitive play against other clans/units. Contact Ressk[CSF] if you wish to have a go.

Combat history

(Under construction)