Clan Blood Spirit

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Clan Blood Spirit
Clanbloodspirit 1.png
Tag: «Çߧ»
Affiliation: Clan
Unit Forums:
Recruitment Info:
Game Servers: None
Members: Less Than 10 Members
Recruitment Style: Open
  • Khan: Gremlich Johns
  • Loremaster: Ryu
  • Oathmaster: Nekhron Kirov
Timezone: GMT-5

Clan Blood Spirit is a Clan-idiom unit comprised mainly of U.S. battletech players for the game Mechwarrior: Living Legends.

The Clan Blood Spirit Symbol

What it signifies

Created by Khan Colleen Schmitt, it epitomizes what it means to be a Blood Spirit Warrior. The insignia consists of a circular field, with a large white star prominently displayed. This tribute to the Cameron Star device of the Star League, which it resembles, is a reminder to all Spirit Warriors that they are the Star League's inheritors. The star is set against a blood-red teardrop, signifying the Esprit-de-Corps of the Clans. These two images are laid over a burnished-copper backdrop which represents the bright spirit of hope that the Clans brought to the people of the Pentagon Worlds. Around the edge are twenty raised, gold daggerstars representing each one of the original twenty Clans established by Kerensky. A set of finely drawn, light-red circles connects each star, signifying the intrinsic link that exists between all the Clans. Finally, the insignia is bordered in black to represent the long journey through space whose trials held the Clans together.

The Clan insignia is worn on the right shoulder of Blood Spirit uniforms.

We are Clan Blood Spirit

"Any enemy who underestimates the Blood Spirits will pay a dear price. While other Clans may draw their strength from the animals that lent them their namesakes, we draw strength from the hearts of ALL of our fellow warriors, from the Warrior Spirit itself. Who can stand before that?"

-- Mechwarrior SpiritRunner

The last of the true followers of the vision of Kerensky

No longer either Crusader or Warden, We are Clan!

We shall return to the Inner Sphere with our brethren to re-establish the Star League by force of arms.

While others have lost the way of the Clans and twist the words of Nicholas to meet their own ends, we of the Clan Blood Spirit, named for the brotherhood of the original 800 Warriors who fought and bled with Nicholas Kerensky and for the future, continue to embrace the True Way of the Clans as set forth by Him.

In the beginning we set forth to assist and bind the Clans together as Nicholas intended, but we were misunderstood. We then spent many long years isolating ourselves in order to avoid the taint of greed and envy that plagues the other clans.

From our past of binding the Clans together, our years afterwards spent in isolation and seclusion - we have prepared ourselves. The Blood Spirit will rise again, leading our wayward brothers in the quest to Terra. The Clan Blood Spirit, our ilChi program expanding our influence with our wayward brethren - uniting the Clans. We will lead the race to Terra with a renewed Star League, to usher in an era of heightened technological and social advance unsurpassed even by the greatness of the original Star League led by the Terran Hegemony.

What we represent to MWLL

Clan Blood Spirit is a Clan-based element for the game Mechwarrior: Living Legends. We are comprised of U.S. Battletech players.

Although CBS is not featured in the current timeline intended for the fledgling Planetary League, our unit intends to combine a heavy Roleplay effort with regular practices and participation with other units for when the BT timeline catches up, allowing CBS to emerge from the lonely path chosen after the time of the unnamed clan.

Whether you are looking for serious or casual gameplay, Clan Blood Spirit is awaiting you. Any active, good natured, competent mechwarrior with a love of battletech lore can find a home with us. Particlularly if you are looking for a good home free of "kids".

Our Vision

The mission of every Blood Spirit is teamwork and camaraderie.

We are a mature group of online warriors gathered together by the common bond of the game and the CBS idiom. We play for sport and fun and in our quest for this, we support each other through thick and thin on-line, and, whenever possible, off-line as well. In the spirit of competition, we will strive to always better our skills, techniques and teamwork so that we may always challenge each other and our opponents to the best of our, and their, ability. We do not succeed alone, but as part of a team and we will endeavor to achieve mutual team and overall Clan goals. While personal achievements comprise the foundation of our success, we nevertheless stand or fall as an group regardless of our individual contributions.

League and Game History and Recruitment

The Clan Blood Spirit wants YOU!

Well, maybe - read on.....

The current Clan Blood Spirit owes its state to the original members that brought the Clan in from the early incarnations playing in ladder leagues - these two teams were The Enhanced Breed and AoA.

Pilots such as Spudman Bogues, Pain Campbell, Tigerback and Blueblaster. These pilots brought in promising members to round out their vision. Pilots like Iceman, Jahziel, A. Kerensky, Undeadwarrior, Zer0k3wl and Mako. Others saw the unit's potential and asked to become members. Some of these eventually were selected through Trial of Entry, others were sent away.

These guys then led us through NBT-Vengeance and then NBT-Mercenaries, often to great success. CBS pilots enjoyed a number of places in the league top ten pilots, more than any other team, during those days. We had rocky seas, like any team, because a team is a group of individuals subverting their own personalities for the common good. Jackass, hesitant geek, sociopath, lightweight, whatever, we had all of those types and more.

But we kicked ass as a team.

NBT-Mercenaries was characterized by intense hatreds and friendships, both within and without.

Some of us were driven off, some stayed out of spite. Some were bored. NBT-Mercs ended.

NBT-HC was a different game and the Clan and CBS "storyline", as depicted in the league Roleplay threads, was written because "we" did not want a repeat of the Mercs league and certainly did not desire the outcomes of the farcical Dark Age/Jihad stories. For you see, we believe that The Clans NEED CBS, for without it, it ceases to be The Clans.

The only Clan named for a Human quality and not an animal totem - representing the quality that exists in ALL of the individual Clans and its Warriors.

To survive in NBT-HC after restarting the clan, the Blood Spirits needed to evolve or become a target of opportunity, especially lacking the skilled pilots of those early days. We did, and we were, overall, well thought of within that league. You can find this in the NBT-HC roleplay, some of which you can now find in the MWLL roleplay threads.

Clan Blood Spirit is still alive -- fed by that legacy.

With MWLL comes a new chapter for CBS. Though not an active participant in the invasion storyline of the current MWLL milieu, we are preparing ourselves for when CBS can participate as a fully configured Clan as part of a planetary league (PL). We may opt to initially become a CBS-manned galaxy in another clan with the view to the future of splitting off when a PL is created, bringing with us a fully capable team against whom others can find a ready and willing challenge.

The candidate we are hoping to attract is mature, willing to lead or be led if placed in either position, willing to teach or to learn, and is tired of the players who exist to just be a nuisance instead of a productive and contributing family member.

Yes, "Family Member". That is what any Clan is populated with, members of a family. "Clan" - derived from the Gaelic "clannad" which means Family.

The core has been around for a number of years, as you will see. Remaining are Gremlich Johns (as Khan), Ryu (Loremaster), Trooper Thorn (GalCom), and Nekhron Kirov (Oathmaster). We've known each other for quite a long time now. Other members who have drifted away include Jahziel (saKhan), Zechs, Sparkie, Deathshade (currently in CHH), Blue Blaster, and A. Kerensky - all who are a step away from fully participating, with obligations such as work, service to our country, or other competing priorities being the limiting factor to their returning from "extended leave."

If you are considering membership as a Blood Spirit, remember this - it is a commitment to its idiom from both you and the other members to make the Clan a place of comradeship and purpose. Join us because Clan Blood Spirit means something to you, not because you just want to "check it out". We do not have the time for that and if you are that candidate, neither do you.

Read up on our BT history and some of our RP in both MWLL forums and at NBT-HC. Then, if you are "game" and you think you are one of us, go to our website to express your sincere interest.


Currently we are participating in public games. We will commence playing in Open Merc Nights once we have 5 or more active members. We are assisting each other in fine-tuning actionmapping for the various types of weaponry designed for the MWLL mod. We are furiously editing our extant sheaf of roleplays to conform to future MWLL league play.

Code of Conduct

Three of our current members are over 50. Just remember though, "Age and treachery will overcome youth and enthusiasm."

The "Commandments" of the Blood Spirit are as follows:

1. Support your wing & team mates. They are amongst the best you can have. So train with them, have fun together.

2. Strive to better your own personal skills and those of your wingman and team mates. Guide each other to new heights of skill. Share new tactics and ideas with the Blood Spirit so that we may all benefit from each other.

3. Individual skills are not important compared to enjoyment of the game and teamwork. Blood Spirit success is measured by overall enjoyment of the game with your fellow warriors and achieving excellence in teamwork - not individual kills or achievements.

4. Winning is fun, but fun is not necessarily winning.

5. Do not engage in "flaming" or respond to "flaming" on any of the league forums. If you have a problem with another unit - or an offending post - bring it up with your team mates to help put it in proper perspective. The Blood Spirit is above "petty" arguments with those outside the unit, let your leaders handle "offensive" players online.

6. Temper your responses to forum posts with intelligence, maturity and with the understanding that perspectives may be age dependent. That or the poster may just be a troll. Avoid the trolls - for they seek to be disruptive.

7. The Blood Spirit ignores derogatory remarks in chat rooms and lobbies. Answering will never improve the situation, and only drag down the Blood Spirit to their level.

The ilChi Program

The ilChi Program, should the timeline catch up to certain events:

Goal - to serve as an ambassador to a given clan, as well as a mediator between the other clans.

Responsibilities -

-- To be a neutral party in disputes, regardless of faction's diplomatic status with CBS.

-- To not commit the clan to anything without speaking with the Keshik first!!!! Specifically with respect to factory output and purchasing of same. Ultimately, the clan's economy is the responsibility of the Keshik.

-- To provide appropriate information on various non-tactical topics.

-- Learn the history of the assigned clan. THERE WILL BE NO ACTIVE INTELLIGENCE GATHERING OF THE ASSIGNED CLAN. This fosters distrust and will not be tolerated and any ilChi engaging in this activity will be suitably punished.

-- Promote the programs of the ilKhan if they are intended to benefit the whole of Clan Society.

-- Promote and support the Circus Honourae!!

-- To serve the greater good and develop plans/ideas which can benefit the greatest segment of the Clan population.

-- as appropriate, participate in practice with assigned clan. Limited combat drops as appropriate. Never against Full Ally and between Military Alliance allies only with agreement of BOTH clans.


- assigned clan decal on legs of designated CBS warrior's mech. This is dependent upon the wishes of the assigned clan.

These are select guidelines for the ilChi. They are subject to minor change depending on the wishes of the assigned clan.