7th Wolf Dragoons

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7th Wolf Dragoons
7thwd nacht.jpg
Tag: 7.[WD]
Affiliation: Inner Sphere
Website: http://www.7thwolfdragoons.eu/
Unit Forums: http://www.7thwolfdragoons.eu/index.php?forum
Recruitment Info: http://www.7thwolfdragoons.eu/index.php?joinus
Game Servers:
Members: 10-25 Members
Recruitment Style: Open
  • 7.[WD]Poldi Colonel Leader & Site-Admin
  • 7.[WD]Ragor Major Recruitment & War-Orga
  • 7.[WD]Streiger Major Tactics Officer
Timezone: GMT+1

The 7th Regiment Wolf Dragoons are a German speaking unit aiming at competitive as well as casual play.


Hard times

In the year of 3054, the duel between Colonel Jaime Wolf and Takashi Kurita was averted due to the death of the Coordinator. As a result, several Kurita MechWarriors and their families joined Wolfs Dragoons.

They committed themselves directly to the Colonel and in the so called 'Dragoons civil war' they stepped in along-side the wolf pack. Despite of their outdated 'Mechs, they were able to achieve some substantial victories.

The outcasts

As the civil war was over, the new General Maeve Wolf incorporated a new unit out of the Kappa Battalion (at this time already under the command of Major Dechan Fraser) and the Kuritans. Thus the Eta Regiment became the 7. regiment of the Wolf Dragoons, unofficially called 'Lucky Seven' due to a remarkable turn of the battle in their first operation.

The regiments traditional designation Eta (seven) was intentionally ambiguous, as the majority of their members, warriors with Kurita origins, became exactly what the translation of 'eta' means in their home sector: the outcasts.

Resources of the seventh

The 7th currently has 1 'Mech battalion, 2 tank battalions, 1 mixed infantry regiment (consisting of commando units and battle armors) and 1 air-/space-squadron at their command.

The mobility and independence of the regiments is ensured by a respective number of DropShips and the JumpShip "Bishamon", which joined the Dragoons through family connections.

Their 'Mechs are all state of the art, either through 'Mechs of the dragoons own production or through the use of field upgrade kits. There are even claims that some of the warriors keep contact with the Yakuza and received state-of-the-art Kurita technology through that connection. This couldn't be completely denied, as many of their 'Mechs are equipped with C3 computers and some infantry units, which destroyed mobile HQs, were sighted with DEST battle armors.

The pack on the hunt

The Lucky Sevens prefers close combat, supported by tanks and 'Mechs which ambush selected targets from the distance. They withdraw as fast as they attack, always covered by air support.

General Wolf preferably deployed the regiment behind enemy lines, whenever a autonomous and hard-hitting unit was needed to distract the enemy from the front line with nuisance attacks. This is also the reason why the 7th mostly prefer a drop zone far off from the main army. In addition companies of the regiment were often employed against HQ units, supply bases or used for primary recon and intelligence missions.


The 7th aim to participate in clan wars and league gaming, but casual players are also welcome.

The main requirements are to have fun with the game, 18 years of age and a headset for communication via TeamSpeak 3.

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