1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry

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1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry
Tag: [1FSAC]
Affiliation: House Davion
Website: http://www.1fsac.com
Recruitment Info: http://www.1stfederatedsuns.com/
Game Servers:
  • Federated Suns
Members: 10-25 Members
Recruitment Style: Open
Leaders: Longbow, Mustang, White Phoenix
Timezone: GMT-6

1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry is an Inner Sphere unit focused around U.S.A. based players but we do have a few European folks as well


1FSAC has been around longer than most of the units in the game at this time.

Our roots start in the original Battletech EGA game that was run by Genini where game play was priced by the hour of play. In the EGA game, players communicated via phone long distance to one another to set up times to play together, as the servers were also long distance in themselves. At this time, our unit was known as House Of Shadows Of Davion. Due to cost of such gaming, solid organization was required to play together at specific times so the most was made out of the gaming experience.

Sometime later, the game Multiplayer Battletech SOLARIS was introduced. It brought forth the first of VGA graphics and House of Shadows followed together into this new game. This new game that our unit played together was hosted on America Online as AOL had contracts with Kesmai and Gamestorm to support a multiplayer portion of their community. Still holding the House Of Shadows name on AOL, our unit was one of, if not THE largest unit in the House of Davion.

As time transpired and our unit grew, we were awarded a medal of honor as a Davion Elite Force. This medal was a starburst symbol placed upon two bars to be worn on our uniform for role play aspect of the game. As a unit, we decided to wear this symbol in our handles, hence the beginnings of the =*= sign in our names.

During a time of tribulation, our unit fell into a divisionary state and a civil war ensued. This division all but destroyed our unit, making two smaller, less powerful and less effective units. The beginning of HoS/DAV and HOS/ST were the namesakes taken. Due to so much confusion as to the units origins and connections, we decided at the time of leaving AOL and joining up on GameStorm to play, that we needed to change the name. Start a fresh new outlook to the unit and make it so that the wounds of old could possiblely be healed.

With our names and uniforms remaining as much the same as before, we decided to take the name ELITE as our medal we wear for service to House Davion. Many thought we were a completely new unit that was started by old players, when in reality we were the same old group, same friends trying to take a new look and insert new blood into the unit with a clean slate. Our times together as =*= ELITE =*= were great and continued as we got ready for a new game approaching (Multiplayer Battletech 3025).

Although we still carried the name =*= ELITE =*= as our calling, we have taken on a secondary name to be officially affliated with the new game house structure. Low and behold, the First Federated Suns Armored Cavalry.. or rather.. ‹Grin›.. the ELITE First Federated Suns Armored Cavalry was made known.

"The First Armored Cavalry is a highly mobile fighting unit consisting of elite MechWarriors and fighter pilots. It was Prince lan Davion who decided to create a ‘Mech regiment so fast and powerful that it could easily overrun most enemy positions before an effective defense could be mounted. To to do this, he assembled a regiment of ‘Mechs chosen for their speed as well as their weapons. As a complement to their speed, he organized a wing of heavy AeroSpace Fighters whose pilots were as skilled in air to ground tactics as they were against enemy fighters. Prince lan’s idea has proven effective. As a raiding force, the Federated Suns Armored Cavalry has few peers, but their success is often achieved only at great cost in machinery and men, which is why there is only the single regiment. The unit insignia of the First Armored Cavalry is a variation on the Federated Sunburst. Its nickname is Point of the Sword."

The time in waiting for this new game to come we showed great talent and ability to all within the MPBT community, but the new game we waited for stalled... then was scrapped.

This presented difficulties for our unit but our presence would reach into other games such as MechWarrior 4, DeltaForce, UltimtaOnline, Crysis and many others.

Stand tall, stand strong, and stand with pride as we are... =*= 1FSAC ... Go forth and bear your names to all and bow to no one but our House.. the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns.. the New Davion has begun, and 1FSAC will be laying the foundation for it's future!!!!


We play most evenings on our Server - Federated Suns, or other open Servers. We have been active in just about every Mech League there has been and hope to be heavily involved in League play with MWLL once everything is in place. But until then, we are open for scrimmages on our server or yours. Best person to contact for this would be 1FSAC_Checker.


The unit exploded with the introduction of MPBT:Solaris on AOL that transferred along to other portals such as Gamestorm etc. Mechwarrior 2 came about during that time frame. Our unit is officially affiliated with House Davion starting back in those days. The House Structure still exists but through the generations of battle tech games, it has grown and shrunk repeatedly. Mechwarrior 4 quite honestly nearly sealed the coffin for most of the structured units. There are very few of us still active. Those that are still hold to the official ranking structure we put in place back then. In the heyday of MPBT:Solaris on AOL, our unit contained two full regiments of players active. That was a lot of people back then, much more than anything has shown in the last several years. The unit ranking system as well as the higher house ranks outside the unit is as follows:

House and unit ranking order as follows: Prince - Upper House command title Marshal of the Armies - Upper House command title Field Marshal - Upper House command title Marshal - Upper House command title General (Gen.) - Highest internal rank within the unit possible. Major General (Maj.Gen.) Leftenant General (Lt.Gen.) Colonel (Col.)- Our highest rank by structure design currently in place. Leftenant Colonel (Lt.Col) Major (Maj.) Captain (Capt.) Leftenant (Lft.) Sgt.Major (Sgt.Maj.) Sergeant (Sgt.) Corporal (Cpl.) Private (Pvt.) Recruit (Rct.) - This is reserved for applicants wishing to join the unit

Commanding structure of the unit: Division - Mininum rank of Maj.General required overseeing 2 Brigades Brigade - Minimum rank of Colonel required overseeing 2 Regiments. Regiment - Minium rank of Lft.Colonel overseeing 2-3 Battalions. (This is where our peak currently will be and focused from here down). Battalion - Minimum rank Major overseeing 2-3 Companies. Company - Minium rank of Captian overseeing 2-3 Lances (typically 2, nicknames may be given to a company by it's CO) Lance - Minimum rank of Sgt.Maj overseeing up to 5 mech pilots.(Commanding position can oversee up to 5 soldiers totally 6 in a lance, however typically would be limited to 4 total. ) There are positional designations of CO and XO that go along with the higher tiers (Company and up). These designations can be part of a lance within tier or if needed broken free from a lance assignment and referred to as command staff. This designation would be added to the end of the players using _CO or _XO. There are also administrative designations. This would be special roles we deem recognized from an organizational standpoint but do not require any specific rank to fulfill. These would be things such as Communications Officer, Recruitment Officer, Training Officer, etc. Then lastly and one of the most important things is our Honor Guard. This additional tag represents a member who has show loyal dedication to the unit for a number of years to 1FSAC. This designation would be tagged at the end of their name in game with _HG.

Our current active roster is reflective of structure up to the Regimental status however only has one battalion. Within that battalion we have three companies holding two lances each of active players. The ranks of the players are wrapped around this format and are obviously short of the meat and potatoes ranks currently with the moving to a new game etc. As Checker noted earlier, our game handles have a format to reflect this on sight. Through official channels and comms, the format would look as follows:


  • Current House Prince:Qin (NL),
  • Current Marshall of Armies: Colokid (US),
  • Current Leader of 1FSAC: Longbow,Mustang & White Phoenix

Other active units within House Davion: Head Hunters of Davion (US), Grim Determination (DE).

If your unit wishes to join House Davion you will need to agree to the Davion Code of Conduct and submit application to House Leadership.