12th Vegan Rangers

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12th Vegan Rangers
Tag: 12thVR or 12VR
Affiliation: Inner Sphere
Game Servers: 12thVR Neucason, Sxooter's 12thVR
Members: 10-25 Members
Recruitment Style: Open
  • Snow Gibbon - Coordinator, server administrator
  • Warlord Kentax - Chaos March faction owner
  • Sxooter - Server administrator
  • RickHunter - Server administrator
  • Schlopper - Server administrator
  • AlfalphaCat - Unit founder
Timezone: UTC -8 to -4, UTC +10

The 12th Vegan Rangers, sometimes referred to as 12thVR or 12VR, are a MWLL mercenary unit formed by AlfalphaCat in early 2011 as a unit for new or casual players to experience organized play in MWLL. Most Rangers are situated in North America and recruits worldwide.

Canon Description

The 12th Vegan Rangers were formed sometime within the First Succession War by Lawrence Helmund Nelson, the dispossessed Duke of Verde. Constantly on the run from his usurpers within the Federated Suns and disappointed in the savage state of the Inner Sphere, Nelson looked to a more civilised time to base a secret identity around. Drawing inspiration from the tales of the eleven Rangers of Vega, legendary characters who plied the system's lonely trade routes during the first exodus from Terra, Nelson stylised himself as the Twelfth Vegan Ranger, and developed four key values for himself and his future mercenary group to live by:

  1. A Ranger lives simply and honestly without delusions or manias
  2. A Ranger values loyalty, but does not follow others blindly
  3. A Ranger must serve people, and not corporations
  4. Above all, a Ranger must be free to follow his own destiny.

Bouncing between contracts along the Davion/Kurita border for the highest bidder, Nelson was able to assemble a regiment of troops composed of similarly disinherited, disgruntled noble MechWarriors. Nelson returned to Verde with his new army and retook the throne of Verde from his usurpers. With his birthright finally secured, Nelson released his personal army from his service, going on from that day to become the 12th Vegan Rangers mercenary unit.


The 12th Vegan Rangers have been operating since 2011 as a unit for those looking for a more casual offering. There are no strict rankings or hierarchies, and no trials or demonstrations required for joining. The Rangers try to adhere to Nelson's four values as much as can possibly be applied to MW:LL. This includes:

  1. Playing MW:LL somewhat regularly is required, but not every day
  2. Aid the pubs and the new players, not stomp them to oblivion
  3. Rangers are free to join other groups with more serious commitment, rigidity or better timezone overlap

The Rangers have a penchant for playing Puretech battles with other units, and while not enforced, many members play to Puretech rules in regular public mixed tech games.

The 12th Vegan Rangers are not Vegans as some may conclude. Rangers are allowed to eat animal products as they wish, and forcing anyone into any dietary regulations so would be a defiance of the Ranger's code.

The Rangers are notorious for causing critical core explosions when their 'Mechs have been slain in battle. Whether this is a special booby trap device or inadequate system maintenance is not known. What is known though is that this will often happen at the worst point in time in the worst possible place. For this reason, it is advised to stand at least 100m from any Ranger BattleMech on the field. Players who cause critical explosions regularly are often referred to the Rangers for inspection and potential recruitment.