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The History of Why Downloading MW:LL Was Hard

Historically this mod has been difficult to find and install. Around 0.7.1 Gouty made an installer to streamline the process of installation. Since then, and up to the revival of the project by the community, this very installer served through what is sometimes called the "dark age" of MW:LL.

Around 2016 MW:LL development was revived, this time carried by the community led by xInViCtuSx and Star Wraith; as the original development team of Wandering Samurai Studios dissolved already earlier around the unfortunate pseudo-C&D event. Year 2017 had already seen a vivid release cycle with a new launcher that was able to download, re-download, and repair corrupted files of the game. It was also able to perform additional tasks and roles like the actionmapper, server setup, and more.

The infrastructure bearing the game files that the downloader points to, now and then, have remained the same: A voluntary dedicated server with a personal ISP data plan. And as such it is easy to over burden the setup with even moderate download spikes that usually occur around release days.

The community has been struggling every since to provide alternate download links and options - the most obvious being a torrent seeded by the beefier ISP subscribers who happen to get the Offline installer first, alas this was not always met with luck. We, the community, where lucky to have our good host and member Rick Hunter who not only hosts the excellent Neucasson game servers alongside the ever trusty HAARP's Funbocks, but Rick also has put in substantial effort and resources, to provide alternate fast download links for other community needs as well.

Use the Launcher Before Downloading Everything Again

Historically, the majority issues players had with MW:LL were related to installation and game version. Once the team moved to the automated downloader, community tech support was able to redirect its efforts to helping players with system optimizations and changes related to compatibility with newer operating systems.
Besides file checking, the handy Launcher is also useful for clearing the shader cache, changing button assignments, and is the first thing to resort to when in need of a freshly generated player profile - in case the used one becomes corrupt. This might usually happen between game versions among other causes. You backed up your player profile, right?