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Things still to be done

Listed in a loose order of most important to least.

Wiki Porting

- move everything over

Community Pages

- needs moar clan/unit pages: LCAF, CC, update to 12thVR, WoB, W-R, CGB 297th

- everything Chaos March (newbie basics [ie. how do I join?], how it works, rules & etiquette, maps, tournaments, what-have-you) - most of this is done. needs history, a table with a map listing (maybe), some videos, info on Duelist's 3v3 tournaments he had a short while ago

- getting active clan/unit pages updated by their respective reps

- a page about Discord

- a separate TS page? pretty much done at this point

- adding mainpage links to all of this for easy access

- info on pubbing...? probably should. dunno.

- get Serpentus to update the wiki admin page and a small blurb on how people can bug him or Avatar for accounts


- update guides wherever needed for 0.8.5

- repurpose & update the MWLL Asset Bible into something useful for newbies hell, I even went and made a starter asset guide

Unit Pages

- update tanks and aerospace for 0.8.2 - Bird_Thing got this

- include updated blurbs on Mech pages tagged with stubs

Weapon Pages

- update the Critical Core Explosion page did it

- update weapon data where/whenever needed - Bird_Thing and DragonGod got this

- tag each page as up-to-date for 0.8.5

Cleanliness Items

- putting together some sort of revamped style guide?

- eliminating the double redirects, most of which are my fault DragonGod got these

- cleaning up broken links I think these got had