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About me

I'm exclusively an MW:LL player, i don't play other titles online, and pretty much any other off line either.


After the first year, or so, training and playing in Chaos March campaigns on and off i finally fell out of sync to CM.

Besides occasional pub match, most the time i lately spend is in designing assets for the maps.

Game preferences

I rarely fly or "crawl", when i game i game on legs :^] -

Osiris C
Dish and kite, occasional pop tart - I'm captivated by the units overall performance
Chimera C
Hit hard, play hard, die hard.
Uziel C
the first noteworthy brawler IMO
Uziel B
I like to call it "Popeye"
Argus E
It is just fun to drive
Warhammer F
a.k.a. "Warflammer" ;)
Avatar D
the "Fallshirmjaeger"
Thanatos A
Awesome G
the "Nutcracker"
Mauler C
still lacking a good call sign

And maybe others on and off... I reluctantly take Clan tech mechs and am more likely pick IS when joining the game, but I'm not shy to both switch or drive out an occasional Clan mech when the need arises.

For a while now I'm rarely attracted to get out on threads for some reason or the other.



  1. Aurora (finished, submitted for inclusion)
  2. Vanir (finished, submitted for inclusion)
  3. few turret types (double, triple, AMS, included)


  1. Aegis (WIP still - no textures)
  2. Broadsword (WIP)


  1. Conquistador (TODO the next and the last dropship i'll make)


  • Try reach me on Discord,
  • or on CJW forum,
  • the officially endorsed new forum.