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This infobox template is for community Clans and/or Units.


Tag: {Serp}
Affiliation: Merc
Website: https://wiki.mechlivinglegends.net
Discord: asdfagsadfasdf
Members: 1-3
Recruitment Style: Invite Only
Leaders: Serpentis
Timezone: Whenever

Blank Template

The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article and then filling in the desired fields. Most parameters are not required and will not be displayed when left blank or omitted.

| Image = 
| ImageSize = 
| Tag = 
| Affiliation = 
| Website = 
| Forums = 
| RecruitmentInfo = 
| Discord = 
| TS3 = 
| Servers = 
| Members = 
| RecruitmentStyle = 
| Leaders = 
| Timezone = 


Parameter Required Function
Image Yes Image name: File:abc.jpg, File:xpz.png, Image:123.gif; Image name must be prefixed with Image: or File: to function.
ImageSize No Image size is the width of the image. Will also determine the width of the infobox. Defaults to 350px when omitted.
Tag No Clan/Unit Tag.
Affiliation No Merchants / Clans / Inner Sphere / Multi-nation or other of Clan/Unit pick
Website No The Clan/Unit's personal website.
Forums No The Clan/Unit's private forum or MWLL forum topic.
RecruitmentInfo No Information on how to become a member or link to Clan/Unit's recruitment page.
Discord No Invitation to Clan/Unit's personal Discord server.
TS3 No Clan/Unit's personal TeamSpeak server info.
Servers No List of game servers hosted by Clan/Unit.
Members No Member count (approximate).
RecruitmentStyle No Clan/Unit's recruitment style. eg: Open / Invitation only / Closed.
Leaders No List of Clan/Unit's leaders. If multiple, must use <ul> and <li> to display properly.
Timezone No The time zone it is typical to find the most members of a Clan/Unit online. In +/- GMT time.