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| colspan="3" style="text-align:center; padding:0" | [[{{{Image}}} | 350px]]
| colspan="3" style="text-align:center; padding:0" | [[{{{Image}}} | 350px]]
{{#if: {{{Version|}}} |
{{!}} Latest Version:
{{!}} colspan="2" style="background:#383838" {{!}} {{{Version}}}
{{#if: {{{Environment|}}} |
{{#if: {{{Environment|}}} |

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This infobox template is for Maps.


Latest Version: -
Environment: Forest
Size: 8192 x 8192
Game Modes:
First Available In: Beta 1.0
Tactical Map
Clearcut minimap.jpg
Minimap overlay1.png

The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article and then filling in the desired fields. Some parameters are not required and will not be displayed when left blank or omitted.

Blank Template

| Image = 
| ImageSize = 
| Version = 
| Created By = 
| Environment = 
| Temperature = 
| Planet = 
| Coords = 
| Size = 
| Game Modes = 
| Available = 
| Download = 
| Mech = 
| Tank = 
| VTOL = 
| Aero = 
| BaseIS = 
| BaseCL = 
| Map  = 


As noted before some parameters are optional, however some must be included. The following is a list of parameters, their functions, and whether or not they are required.

Parameter Required Function
Image Yes Image name: File:abc.jpg, File:xpz.png, Image:123.gif; Image name must be prefixed with Image: or File: to function. Primary image should be pictured from default camera location before starting the match (if camera is misplaced - random location may be chosen)3
ImageSize No Image size is the width of the image. Will also determine the width of the infobox. Defaults to 350px when omitted.
Version No The latest version that is available for this map.
Created By No Credit to the person or people who made the map.
Environment No A descriptor of the environment in which the map is set. eg: Desert, Forest, Tundra, etc.
Temperature No Ambient temperature of the map in °C. If multiple, separate them with a slash. eg: +55 / -2
Planet No The name of the planet on which the map is set. Typically on the map loading screen.
Coords No Coordinates of the planet on which the map is found. Typically on the map loading screen.
Size No The size of the map. eg: 8192 x 8192
Game Modes No List of the game modes that are playable on the map. Multiple game modes require <ul> and <li> to function properly as unordered lists.
Available No The first version of MWLL in which the map was available.
Download No The link to the MWLL map archive where this map can be downloaded.
Mech No Whether or not Mechs are available on this map. Should be blank or omitted if none.
Tank No Whether or not Tanks/Vehicles are available on this map. Should be blank or omitted if none.
VTOL No Whether or not VTOLs are available on this map. Should be blank or omitted if none.
Aero No Whether or not Aerospace Fighters are available on this map. Should be blank or omitted if none.
BaseIS No The number of Inner Sphere bases on the map.
BaseCL No The number of Clan bases on the map.
BaseNtl No The number of Neutral bases on the map.
Map No An image showing the minimap/map overview. Map image needs to be minimap.dds converted to JPG file and downsized to 1024 before the upload.