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As a community project, everyone is able to contribute;

  1. You are welcome to contribute to the MWLL Wiki by suggestion in the #mwll_wiki channel on Discord.
  2. To edit, account registration is required, please contact one of the administrators on Discord. If you have any questions about the Wiki or anything else, you can ask one of the Bureaucrats or Wiki Team members on Discord.

Once granted editor status:

  • All pages can be directly edited.
  • A list of all Help Pages can be found here.
  • If you are new to Wikis, you may want to read the How to Edit Guide.
  • If you want to experiment with editing a Wiki, please do it in the Sandbox, not in the articles.
  • Another way to help would be to check the list of Wanted Pages for frequently linked-to articles that don't exist yet.
  • If you want to help, but you're not sure where to start, try improving the various Stub articles by expanding them.