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This infobox template is for Game Modes.


Team Based: Yes
CBills: Rank
Winning Condition: Score, Tickets
Recommended Players: 6+
Uses Maps: TSA, TC
Warhammer enters.jpg

The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article and then filling in the desired fields. Some parameters are not required and will not be displayed when left blank or omitted.

Blank template

{{Game Mode|
| Name = 
| Teams = 
| Money = 
| Winning = 
| RecPlayers = 
| Uses maps = 
| Image = 


As noted before some parameters are optional, however some must be included. The following is a list of parameters, their functions, and whether or not they are required.

Parameter Required Function
Image No Image name: File:abc.jpg, File:xpz.png, Image:123.gif; Image name must be prefixed with Image: or File: to function.
ImageSize No Image size is the width of the image. Will also determine the width of the infobox if included. Defaults to 350px when omitted.
Teams Yes Whether this game mode has team play or is free-for-all.
Money Yes How money is handled (eg: fixed, ranked)
Winning Yes The conditions to win this Game Mode.
RecPlayers Yes The recommended player count for this Game Mode.
Uses maps Yes The map prefix or prefixes for maps that are compatible with this Game Mode. Multiple lines require <ul> and <li> to function properly as unordered lists.