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TSA Sandblasted
Environment: Desert
Temperature: 25
Planet: Tamarind
Coords: -271.23, -83.98
Size: 4096 x 4096
Game Modes:
First Available In: Beta 1.0
Number of Bases: IS: 1 (ASF/VTOL: 1)
Clan: 1 (ASF/VTOL: 1)
Tactical Map
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"On the Harvison Flats of Tamarind outside the oil-rich capital Zanzibar, the Lyran Commonwealth has constructed an Egyptian themed arena, hoping to capitalize on the growing Solaris gaming industry. This marvelous spectacle has brought wealthy spectators and would-be-champions to the desolate desert planet from across the Inner Sphere."
— Map introduction


An Egyptian themed arena, Sandblasted has incredibly varied terrain featuring rolling sand dunes, cliffs, and Egyptian-style ruins.

The wide open layout of the map has allowed the use of LRMs and the 0.2.0 introduced Long Tom as popular options in long range combat. Additionally, the various dunes and ridges allow for effective poptarting. BAs sporting TAG lasers are often found perched on the pyramids located in the middle of the map.

Like most TSA maps, Sandblasted's gameplay typically grows less and less mobile as the match progresses. There is not a lot of cover to protect you from NARC-guided LRM volleys or Arrow IV strikes, particularly when the spotting asset is an aerospace fighter. Massed LAMS, AECM or Black Lanner rushes can counter these tactics, however any brawling will often put you right into the opposing team's base, leaving your team very vulnerable to being crushed by sheer attrition.


One of the original maps included in the 0.1.0 MWLL release and thus far has not been changed.