TSA Palisades

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TSA Palisades
Environment: Arid Hills
Temperature: +25
Planet:  ?
Coords:  ?
Size: 4096 x 4096
Game Modes:
First Available In: 0.4.0

Number of Bases: IS: 1
Clan: 1
Tactical Map

"The Palisades arena was designed to simulate a classic border flash-point scenario between two remote, but well defended outposts."
— Map introduction


Palisades is a desert-plateau themed Team Solaris Arena, based heavily on a Crysis multiplayer map. Palisades is extremely asymmetrical; the Clan hangar sits on the high ground, while Inner Sphere on the low ground. A river runs through, dividing the map roughly in half between the lowlands and the plateau.


Palisades is by nature a very long-range map; there is little hard cover, and the high plateau bordering the river offers the Clan team an almost complete view of the Inner Sphere's side.