TSA Marshes

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TSA Marshes
Environment: Marshland / Swamp
Temperature: 25
Planet: Gei-Fu
Coords: 58.16, -200.82
Size: 4096 x 4096
Game Modes:
First Available In: Beta 1.0
Number of Bases: IS: 2
Clan: 2
Tactical Map
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"In an attempt to join the St. Ives compact at an inopportune time, the Gei-Fu militia found itself subject to the full wrath of the Capellan Confederation. This airfield was destroyed in the brutal counter-coup. It is now overgrown and infested with poisonous reptiles."
— Map introduction

Marshes comprises clusters of low, thickly-vegetated hills, rising from flooded marshes, and a flat deserted airfield in the center. A large abandoned dropship of the Inner Sphere dominates the skyline, and surrounding hangars and buildings with the Federated Suns insignia, are situated near a large flat overgrown runway.

Clan bases are at the south of the map, and Inner Sphere bases are at the north. The main avenue of attack tends to be through central airfield area, though flanking is also viable, using the terrain to the east and west as cover. The map offers opportunities for long range jump-sniping and missile-boating from the low marshy hills, as well as short-range brawling around the central airfield area.

Due to the numerous opportunities for cover, battlefield awareness, and thoughtful use of active and passive radar modes, are key to success on this map. Indestructible trees and buildings deflect weapon fire. The abandoned dropship can be used by Battle Armors for target designation or opportunistic short range attacks.

As aeros are not used on this map, LongToms frequently come into play to disrupt clusters of LRM campers and other immobile vehicles.


Marshes remained unchanged in between first beta and 0.2.0. In beta 0.3.0 new AMS turrets were added, as well as dynamic Time of Day.

Marshes was elected second most popular map of Beta 0.1.