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This is a list of all the useable buildings you will find in MWLL. See the Turrets page for all turrets in the game.

Big Mech Hangar

Mechhangar big.jpg

The Big Mech Hangar that can be found in every starting base in Team Solaris Arena and Terrain Control.
It has 8 bays that are located in the sides of the main hall, so that enemies can not fire into the bays from outside the hangar. You can buy ammo and new assets inside, and you can sell your old vehicle while standing in one of the bays.

Medium Mech Hangar

Mechhangar medium.jpg

The 'Medium Mech Hangar can be found on some Terrain Control maps. It has four bays, two on each side of the main hall. It provides more protection than a Small Hangar, but it often shares the same tonnage restrictions, limiting options and therefore construction to lighter vehicles. You can buy ammo and new assets inside, and you can sell your old vehicle while standing in one of the bays.

Small Mech Hangar

Mechhangar small.jpg

A Small Mech Hangar found on many Terrain Control maps.
They only have a single bay that is closed on 3 sides, giving units on the inside more protection then a Repair Pad, but less then a Big Mech Hangar. They sell ammo, you can sell your old asset inside them, and you can buy a new mech or tank there, tough their selection is often limited to lighter machines.

Solaris Arena Mech Hangar

Mechhangar solaris.jpg

The Solaris Mech Hangar is a special kind of hangar mostly found on Solaris Arena maps.
It is designed like a Small Mech Hangar, but with added protective doors and a small attached building that containins a spawn point. The doors can only be opened from inside (by walking/driving towards them), completely protecting the newly built asset from enemy fire. The Solaris Mech Hangar can build every ground based asset and sell ammo and Battle Armor equipment.

Aerospace Fighter Hangar

Asf hangar.jpg

The ASF hangar is the place where Aerospace Fighters can be bought, repaired, rearmed, and sold.
They have 2 seperated hangar bays where ASF will spawn and at least one attached runway where landed ASF can be repaired and rearmed while standing on it. ASF and Battle Armor Weapons can be bought as long as the player is placed inside one of the hangar bays or on one of the runways. They are often combined with a VTOL Pad to form a single big airfield.


Vtol pad.jpg

The VTOL pad is the place where VTOLs can be bought, repaired, rearmed, and sold.
The structure consists of 2 landing pads where newly built VTOLs will spawn and where VTOLs can be repaired and rearmed, and a tower between those, where Battle Armor Weapons and VTOLs can be purchased. They are often combined with a ASF Hangar to form a single big airfield.

Repair Pad

Repair pad.jpg

Repair Pads can be found on many Terrain Control bases. They allow you to repair damaged assets but due to their open sturcture, enemies can fire at repairing units from all directions, disrupting the repair progress.

On Solaris Arena, and on some TC/TSA maps, you can find indestructible neutral APC parked next to the pad which allows purchasing ammunition with the blood money you've earned.

You cannot sell your asset at repair pads, only at Mech Hangars.