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Shoden spin.gif
Class: Tank
Faction Clan
Ticket cost: 8 upon destruction
Tier: 11
Tonnage: 70 tons

83 km/h

Turret rotation: 360°
Turret pitch: -10° to +80°
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 76 500 CBills
Total armor: 44 240
Engine: Fusion 260
Price: 76 000 CBills
Total armor: 42 400
Engine: Fusion 260
Price: 73 000 CBills
Total armor: 38 720
Engine: Fusion 260
Price: 77 400 CBills
Total armor: 42 400
Engine: Fusion 260
Price: 83 400 CBills
Total armor: 42 400
Engine: Fusion 260
Price: 86 400 CBills
Total armor: 42 400
Engine: Fusion 260
Price: 80 600 CBills
Total armor: 42 400
Engine: Fusion 260
Price: 87 850 CBills
Total armor: 44 240
Engine: Fusion 260
Armor Points Distribution

All stats current as of release 0.14.1

The Shoden is a Clan wheeled heavy tank. Somewhat faster than the Clan Oro, the Shoden is a faster and slightly better armored counterpart to the IS Rommel tank. Although the Shoden isn't as proficient at anti-aircraft duties as the Huit, its impressive 80° pitch makes it a superb choice for aiming up at targets above it. The Shoden's fast turning main turret is positioned quite high, making it able to shoot over rocks and small hills while protecting it's bulky chassis. Unfortunately this also makes aiming down at targets lower than the Shoden much more difficult despite it's generous -10° turret depression. While other tanks with tall chassis, like the Mars or Morrigu are more suseptible to BA getting in too close to shoot at, the Shoden's drive speed makes this impossible except in close, difficult to maneuver areas.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


Variant A - "Harvester"

Variant B

Variant C

Variant D

The Shoden D is armed with a cGauss, meaning it doesn't suffer from the spread the E experiences while sniping. The D's ATM9 (HE) unfortunately doesn't provide as much control over the screen shake as the E offers. That said, the D is much better at dealing pinpoint damage, in no small part thanks to its pair of HMLs and cERSLs.

Variant E

The Shoden E is capable of filling multiple roles on the battlefield. Its single HAG30 provides extreme range, and the fact that the Shoden's turret is rather high means that it the E can almost poptart like a mech. The E has amazing close combat potential as the HAG30 can be used quite effectively up close and a pair of DSSRM4s, when chain fired, can cause sustained screen shake. The DSSRM4s have more than enough DPS to make the the E a solid and flexible brawler.

Variant F

The Shoden F focuses nearly all of its weaponry on medium range. This makes the F an excellent high damage poker and skirmisher. Unfortunately, to access all of the F's DPS, players may find themselves exposing it too much. To avoid this, once the cERPPC has been fired, the three cERMLs have been fired twice, and the two cUAC5s have been overheated, players should take cover. If an enemy starts to run away, remember that cERPPCs have substantial splash damage and can be used to secure the kill with one last shot. As for sniping, the F has some ability, with it's cERPPC, but otherwise falls short of this role.

Variant G - "Gowron"

The Gowron is a close combat monster of a tank. Its three Flamers can obscure an enemy's vision and overload their heat sinks while the UAC20 and two DSRM4s make short work of their armor. The Gowron is especially good against slower moving targets as the SRMs can inflict more pinpoint damage. Players driving the Gowron are advised to use its sizeable chassis and considerable speed to zero-throttle isolated enemies to ensure the SRMs can be aimed with greater precision. Enemy BA will find it difficult to approach the Gowron due to its flamers and two PDS.


Clan Nova Cat’s Shoden assault heavy vehicle appeared quite unexpectedly after the first Dominion-Combine War of 3062-3063, when the wheeled missile transport first rolled off the assembly lines at the newly completed Barcella Beta factory on Irece. With a triple-rack of advanced tactical missiles and a quartet of machine guns, plus the armor to withstand serious punishment, the Shoden excelled in both defensive and assault operations. Khan Santin West realized that his Clan must attempt to further adopt some Inner Sphere style combat tactics if the Nova Cats were to survive, particularly that of combined units.

Date Introduced 3068 during the Era known as "Jihad" (3068 - 3085) - Unit Role: Combat Vehicle - Wheeled Brawler

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