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Ranks are essentially tiers that determine how many CBills you are guaranteed to receive upon death. If a player managed to earn more CBills than they would be otherwise entitled to as dictated by their rank before dying, their CBills will be passed on when they respawn. Players gain higher ranks by earning points - these points are gained by dealing damage to enemy assets or by capturing bases in Terrain Control matches. It is possible to be demoted when another player leapfrogs your points total, as some ranks have limits on how many players may hold that rank at a time. The player with the higher points total gets to hold that rank if there is a conflict. Demotions also occur for suiciding or acts of friendly fire/teamkilling.

For example, if a Warrior/Corporal has 20 000 CBills before dying, he/she will be granted 54 000 CBills after respawning. If instead he/she had 60 000 CBills at death, the full 60 000 Cbills will remain in that player's possession. The rank system is a key concept of MWLL, as it has some critical implications during battle; if you manage to kill an opposing player before they break the CBill threshold for their rank, effectively all the money they earned while alive is wasted and this can set a player's asset progression back significantly.

It is important to note that money is not granted in the Test of Strength game-mode.

CL Rank name CL Rank symbol IS Rank name IS Rank symbol Points required Min spawn C-Bills Max players of given rank
Initiate INT Volunteer VLT 0 43000 unlimited
Cadet CDT Private PVT 3600 49000 16
Warrior WR Corporal CPL 9600 54000 16
Point 1 P1 Sergeant SG 14400 59000 16
Point 2 P2 Master Sergeant MSG 19600 66000 16
Point 3 P3 Warrant Officer WOF 24000 74000 14
Point 4 P4 Lieutenant LT 28800 82000 14
Point 5 P5 Captain CPT 32800 90000 10
Point Commander PCM Major MJR 46000 98000 8
Star Commander SCM Colonel COL 60000 105000 5
Star Captain SCP Lieutenant General LGN 72000 113000 3
Star Colonel SCL Major General MGN 91000 128000 1
Galaxy Commander GC General GN 122000 145000 1


The current rank system is based on the Clans' military structure and their Inner Sphere equivalents. The Clan structure is as follows: Khan, saKhan, Galaxy Commander, Star Colonel, Star Captain, Star Commander, first official level of command: Point Commander, and lastly, the rank of Warrior. Because one 'Mech is a Point, every Mechwarrior starts with a rank of Point Commander, but the amount of people under command of each leader varies. For example said Mech Point Commander doesn't lead any other Mechs, while the infantry Point Commander has 25 people under his command.